Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentation

Not long before projectors were too large to be carried around. It had to be placed in a common room, where speakers had to share for presentations. However, things have changed now, you can have your portable projector. Looking for the best portable projector for PowerPoint presentation? Can’t decide which will show the best images? Check our article!

These projectors can also show slides and images in high resolution. If your job requires you to make presentations for clients, you will need high-resolution portable projectors. In this article, we have discussed the best portable projector for PowerPoint presentation for you. 




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Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentation

Has a high display resolution of 1280 x 720

Comes with an LED source

The bulb life is 50,000 hours

Compatible with 3.5mm earphones

Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentation

Equipped with advanced pixel tech

Shows very sharp images

Has 7200-lumen brightness

Can control the sound level

Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentation

Has high HD resolution

Has 250 lumen glow and brightness

Can be connected via cable or Bluetooth

HDMI connectivity

Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentation

It is rechargeable 

Can display the image on a 100-inch screen

Has 16.8 million rich colors for pictures

Comes with built-in speakers

Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentation

It is 70% brighter than most projectors

Can be viewed on a screen of 180-inch.

Can be connected to many devices

Contains dual speakers

Can connect to Netflix 

Comes with a built-in battery

Can be operated through a remote control


Contains auto color adjusting features

Has good lamp lifespan 

Made of durable material

Wireless projector 

Has a Bluetooth speaker

Can be connected with USB  and HDMI cables 

Durable built

Has a lamp light of 55000 hours

Can view from 32 to 170-inch screen

Has a contrast ratio of 2000:1

Plug and play system 

Comes with remote control

1. Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentation: Living Enrichment Mini Projector

Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentation

Living Enrichment Projector supports multiple resolutions, starting from 1080i, 576i, 720i, 1080p, 720p, 480i & 480p. It has 7000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 1:2000. This will allow to you view your videos or images at maximum brightness. The projector comes with a 4-inch LCD and has a maximum power consumption of 72W. 

It battery life is up to 50,000 hours. The best feature of this projector is that it has many picture formats. Along with the standard format 16:9, you can also view images as 4:3, and 6:9. This video projector is compatible with most devices, HDMI IN, USB 2.0, AV IN, TF card, and 3.5 mm earphones. It comes with speaks too that have great noise cancellation features.


  • Can be carried easily in your purse or bag pack
  • Can be used for watching Blu-ray movies
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Sound levels up to 45dB


  • Does not come with a tilt stand

2. Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentation: UUO Native projector Upgraded

Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentation

Consists of high pixel technology and provides high-resolution images of 4920x 1080p. It has a contrast ratio of 8000:1. It is a small portable projector that can reduce blur and improve its sharpness by 4x. It allows you to play Dolby format videos without any hassle.

Has great picture color of 16777K. Its smart features allow it to minimize energy consumption and improve its lifespan to 50,000 hours. It is equipped with 1.0 RGB power and technology for image quality. You can control the keystone correction function with rotate the projector by remote control. You can also zoom your slides and present images at your selected angle. 


  • Compatible with a large range of devices
  • Gives high-quality color
  • Comes with patented technology
  • Consists of high color gamut
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Contains a double cooling fan


  • The speakers may not last for a long time

3. Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentation: LG Electronics PH30N Portable Projector

Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentation

LG Electronics PH30 is one of the lightest projectors weighing about 1.2 pounds only. It comes with a built-in battery and can be transported anywhere. One of its best features is that it can share the screen with android phones and can be connected through Bluetooth. It also has type A USB connectivity. It has HD resolution of 1280 x 720p.

It can display the image in a screen as big as 100-inch. It consists of 250 ANSI lumen and a 30,000 hr lamp. It can be used to project slides and images at a distance of 10.9 to 11 feet away. It has a 2.5 long battery life. Along with HDMI connectivity and a wide range of supporting devices, it is one of the best portable projectors.


  • Durable projector
  • Can be used in places without electricity
  • Transportable
  • Comes with built-in battery
  • Has good brightness and color
  • Can share screen


  • If connected via Bluetooth the pace of lip movement in some videos may not match with the audio

4. Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentation: KODAK Ultra Mini Projector

Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentation

This is an extremely small palm-sized projector that you can carry anywhere. It has been labeled as one of the smallest and most lightweight projectors to exist. It weighs 150 grams only.

You can casually put it in your pocket, handbag, or purse for work or business. It consists of a speaker of 1W. It can project on a screen of 100-inch. It has a contrast ratio of 1300:1. 

Its lumen brightness is of 25 ANSI. It has a moderate resolution of 640 x 360p. It has a maximum playback hour of 2 hours. This portable projector is well known for its onboard controls. It is compatible with any 3.5mm HDMI, USB, or other cables. It can also connect to android phones and other digital devices.


  • Has a long playback hour
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Made of durable material
  • Lightweight


  • Heats up after few hours of use

5. Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentation: ManyBox Mini Projector

Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentation

ManyBox Mini portable projector is great for producing high-class 1080p resolution. It is 70 times brighter than most portable projectors. It also has a contrasts ratio of 2000:1.

Besides the presentation, you can also watch a movie with it. You can use this projector to view in any screen ranging from 30-inch to 180-inch. You can also have a projector image distance from 3 ft. to 14 ft. however, it is recommended not to cross 9-10 ft.

ManyBox projector comes with built-in fans and high-quality double speakers. It is ideal for presenting videos or for watching series. You can connect multiple devices to it starting from TV, smartphones, USB cable etc. You can also play games and connect using your game consoles. It can be operated using the remote control.


  • You will get a large screen experience
  • Comes with double speakers
  • Has a 45000 lamp life
  • Can connect to multiple devices
  • Lightweight & portable


  • Requires AC connection to work

6. Best Portable Projector for PowerPoint Presentation: View Sonic M1+ portable projector

It is an 854 x 480p LED portable projector. If you are looking for a projector for presentations only this fills all the criteria. It has a screen distance of 8 ft. to 9 ft. and can project up to a 100-inch screen.

It is great for audio sound as it has built-in Harman Kardon Speakers. These speakers operate via Bluetooth and its sound can fill the entire room. You can also download apps and watch Netflix series through it. 

As for battery life, it can work up to 2.5 hours without electricity. This makes it great for remote presentations and with full power mode on. If the power-saving mode is turned on, it will last 5 hours.

Just like all other projectors you can connect it to multiple devices. It comes with a remote control, projector casing, power adapter, and a guidebook. You will also get a USB type C power cable along with it.


  • Only requires uncovering the lens to turn it on
  • Portable
  • Has 30000 hours lamp life
  • Has auto safety features
  • Can be used both outdoors an indoors


  • The picture setting option is complicated and hard to get the perfect angle

TMY HD projector has high resolution of 1080p. It is made of enhancement technology that brightens the picture and makes it glow. It brightness and contrast ratio is 4000:1.

This helps to view images with higher intricate details. You can view images on a screen as big as 270-inch. The TMY HD projector comes with a tripod and has a brightness of 150 ANSI lumen. This is more than a lumen of 6500 brightness.

It has a 3 chip LCD design and its color can be calibrated easily. It focuses on RGB color and can automatically correct any color. Its color-adjusting technology makes images look real and vibrant.

The projector also contains many portable for inserting multiple cables. It is compatible with HDMI, USB, VGA, and AV interfaces. TMY HD projector consists of a cooling system. This helps to decreases 70% of the fan’s noise. It also comes with built-in speakers with excellent audio quality. 


  • Contains a highly efficient cooling system
  • Contains high-quality built-in speakers
  • Lightweight
  • Made of durable materials
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Automatic smart color adjusting feature
  • Has ports to insert multiple cables


  • Requires electricity to work

BENQ Mini portable projector is wireless and drop resistant. It can resist splashes and can be adjusted according to your preference. You can change it tilt hinge, focus, and correct the keystone.

Apart from presentation you can also use BENQ mini portable projector for entertainment purpose. It comes with a Bluetooth speaker that produces high-quality audio. It can be connected to USB-C, HDMI, and USB cables. It can be instantly turned off and on.


  • Shows high-resolution images of 1080p
  • Comes with a Bluetooth speaker
  • Compatibles with many devices
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Not great for outdoor presentations

Has a high-quality resolution along with 35% more brightness compared to other projectors. It has a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and produces sharp, finely detailed images. It has a projection display as large as 170-inches. Its lowest projection screen is around 32 inches.

It comes with built-in speakers along with external speakers. Its projection distance of 1m to 5m. Along with image, it can produce high-quality sound. It is equipped with advanced cooling technology that produces less noise.  AuKing Mini projector 2021 is better and more durable than the previous models. It has a bulb life of 55000 hours and if used properly you can use this projector for more than 15 years.


  • Lightweight
  • Has lamp light of 55000 hours
  • 35% brighter than other projectors
  • Durable
  • Images are sharp and vivid


  • You need to buy HDMI adaptor separately

Buying Guide   

Before buying a portable projector there are few features you need to keep in mind. This buying guide section is for all of you who have not bought a printable projector before.

1. Brightness

Brightness is an important feature when it comes to projectors. Before buying any projector make sure to check its ASI lumen. You will also find some projectors having lumen brightness feature only. 

If you want to go for a standard comparison makes sure the portable projector has a standard 25 – 30 ASI lumen brightness. However, if you have already picked a projector and its brightness is measured in lumens always pick one with 500 lumens.

Any projector with less than 500 lumens will not show bright or high-quality images. For presentations you cannot take the risk regarding projector brightness.


Your portable projector needs to be lightweight. You cannot carry a heavy projector everywhere. Portable projectors should not weigh more than 1kg. You will find many projectors that weighs around 1.2 to 1.5 pounds. Many light projectors are also shaped to fit in your palms. These are ideal for transporting and stacking inside any bag pack. 

Battery Life

Sometime our work may require us to carry out presentations at places with no electricity. You should always pick a projector that has a high battery life. It should be able to last for at least 2-3 hours. It should also come with chargers and other necessary cables required to charge it.

Image Quality

To check whether your portable projector has the best image quality, see its specifications. The image quality depends on the light source, technology, optical parts, and lens.

To make sure your projector has good elements and parts try to buy from high end brands. Reputable brands and manufacturers always try to maintain their quality. Your projector should have a good resolution of 720p at least. For presentation anything less than 480p would not be good. 

Contrast Ratio 

Contrast ratios mean the difference in range between the darkest and the lightest color or screen. Different portable projectors have different contrast ratios.

You will find most low end projectors have 1000:1 ratio while high end ones have 3000 – 5000:1. Some also have 10000:1. Always opt for higher XXX: 1 number. The higher the number the better will be the image quality.


Q1: How is ANSI lumens different from normal lumens?

Ans: Lumens are normally measured as luminous flux or is considered the power of light. As for ANSI lumen as the measurement of light set by American National Standard Institute. ANSI lumen is considered as a better brightness standard for projector light comparison. Lumen brightness is valid but does not give an accurate comparison. 

Q2: What kind of screen do you need to use a projector?

Ans: It is not necessary that you need to use a screen for a projector. You can use a white wall to view your slides or images from a projector. However, you have to make sure your screen or wall is clear and has no marks. Otherwise, projector will not display the precise image. 

Q3: Can all portable projectors connect via Bluetooth?

Ans: No, it depends on the type and brand of the projector. Not all projectors have this feature.

Q4: Do all portable projectors have keystones or adjusting ability?

Ans: Not all portable projectors have this feature. You need to check the specification list to see if it has adjusting ability. 

Bottom Line

Now that you have read this review article, you should know which the best projects for PowerPoint presentation are. Try to keep the features mentioned in the buying guide section in mind.

Some brands like LG and Konak are well-known for their quality and service. However, at the end of the day it all depends on your budget. Hope you manage to choose a suitable portable projector for your presentations.

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