Best Portable PA Systems under $200

Portable PA systems can be quite handy for different kinds of situations. Be it to add colors to a mundane family gathering outdoors, or enhance the vibe of a serious seminar, you can highly benefit from this beast. Looking for a PA system within a budget? Not willing to spend more than $200? Here's our list of the best portable PA systems under $200.

If you are looking for a mobile device, which not only plays music but can be easily connected to a mic and help with performances as well, a portable PA system is all you need. However, whenever we talk about such smart monsters, they are assumed to come with a heavy price tag. 

Best Portable PA Systems under $200

Are you on a budget and do you need to stay within $200 to get yourself a portable PA system? Then, our guide will be highly useful to you.




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Best Portable PA Systems under $200

Not powered by battery

Wattage: Peaks at 125 W, RMS: 250

Includes Master volume control

Includes USB and Memory card

Response to Frequency- 45 Hz. To 20 kHz.

Comes with a wired microphone

Can be controlled via a wireless remote 

Includes a user manual

Weight: 36 pounds

Best Portable PA Systems under $200

Powered by Bluetooth

Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Includes a built-in mic and an external mic input jack

Wattage: 40 W

3-way powered: 120V AC wall outlet, 12 V DC and battery.

Comes with a one-year warranty

Comes with an English/Spanish user manual

Weight: 6 pounds

Best Portable PA Systems under $200

Powered by Battery

Wattage: 100 W

Comes with a compression driver with 1.35 inches titanium diaphragm and 15 inches woofers

Coverage area: 30 feet

Can be controlled with a remote

The battery can be recharged

Weight: 37.2 pounds

Best Portable PA Systems under $200

Powered by battery

Wattage: 800 W

Coverage area: 8 inches to 15 inches in terms of height

Comes with 2 wireless microphones

Comes with a tripod stand

Includes Striking LED strobe lights

Comes with a year’s warranty

The battery can be recharged

Weight: 21 pounds

Not powered by battery

Wattage: 800 W

Comes with a compression driver with a 1-inch titanium diaphragm 

Wireless audio streaming possible

Coverage area: over 33 feet

Supports USB and SD card

The battery can be recharged

Weight: 8.58 pounds

8-inch Speaker Kit with Passive Speaker 

Wattage: 100 W

Comes with a built-in 8 inches real DJ/PA Amplifier woofer system 

Includes a long list of loud applications

Allows a frequency response between 40 Hz and 19 kHz

Comes with a high-frequency driver 

Weight: 14 pounds

Powered by battery

Output Power is 5 Watts

Can be charged using 5V DC, 500 mA

Can work between 5 to 8 hours in the musical mode and up to 8 hours in the MIC model

It takes 3 to 5 hours to charge

Weight: 138 g

It comes with a waistband, USB cable, and a handy user manual

Does not include the charger

1. Best Portable PA Systems under $200: Rockville RPG082K PA System

Best Portable PA Systems under $200

If you are looking for the best portable PA systems, this one will surely top your list given the extraordinary quality it comes with, without demanding a heavy price tag. It is not only powerful in its output but also quite efficient, thanks to the Class D amplifier it contains.

This amplifier focuses on alleviating any big distortion to the output and underlines the clarity of your voice. The frequencies and compatibility with SD cards also make it quite a popular PA system for versatile individuals.


  • A strong tripod stand is included in the package
  • Master volume control available
  • Supports both USB and Memory Card
  • Comes with microphone, remote as well as cables
  • Money back guarantee of 90 days
  • Extended Warranty can be purchased for up to 4 years
  • Good range of frequency response supported


  • The stereo is not the best
  • The base is quite low
  • There have been issues with timely shipping

2. Best Portable PA Systems under $200: Hisonic HS120B PA System

Best Portable PA Systems under $200

If you are looking for the best battery-powered portable PA systems, this one will impress you. It is one of the top rechargeable and mobile PA systems that comes with 6.5 inches of full-range 40 W speaker and UHF wireless mic system, capable of amplifying voice applications.

You can expect to hear a powerful sound even in a noisy environment, given its distortion reduction capacities. It is a newer version of its predecessors, comes with a 900 MHz 16 channels selectable UHF mic system.  


  • It is well-suited for outdoor use
  • Comes with a rechargeable and replaceable, high-power lithium-ion battery
  • The UHF wireless mic system makes the system quite well-rounded
  • The speaker is high-powered as well, and hence, able to deliver a clear sound
  • Comes with a year’s warranty from the manufacturer


  • There have been complaints about the durability of the product
  • The instruction manual is somewhat complicated to follow for beginners

3. Best Portable PA Systems under $200: LyxPro 12 Inch Active PA System

Best Portable PA Systems under $200

This is another topper in our list given the 100 W, high-quality Bluetooth affordable speakers that come with two different channels. It is quite compact and mobile, weighing less than many reliable quality speakers in the market. You will also find the integrated mixer on the back of the system.

It also includes a user-friendly Bluetooth setting that can cover a wireless Bluetooth range of 30 feet or more. You can use this product for different kinds of bands or events, given the lightweight feature and the ability to get quality output. 


  • The system is quite compact and hence can be carried along quite easily
  • It can be used both as a monitor or a speaker
  • The Bluetooth connection is pretty simple to use
  • Given the affordability, it delivers quite an enhanced quality sound
  • Comes with a guarantee of 1-year
  • You are also able to purchase an extended warranty for the PA system


  • The lows are somewhat lack
  • There have been instances of the fuse blowing off
  • Sometimes the units delivered can have defects

4. Best Portable PA Systems under $200: Alphasonik 8" Portable PA system

Best Portable PA Systems under $200

The champion when looking for a versatile PA system for high output DJ speakers with batteries that can be recharged will certainly be this beast. This is a high-performing portable battery-powered PA system that can cover a good range between 8 and 15 inches (height-wise).

You can also expect the battery to last for quite some hours. It is also pretty high-quality, despite its cost being below $200. You can also expect excellent vocal effects from the built-in eco function of the PA system. Another perfect feature is the automatic sound reduction that can promise crisp delivery of sound.


  • It is controlled by a battery
  • Wireless PA system
  • The product is compact and hence, can be easily carried around
  • You can expect the output to be quite high-quality
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • You can also decide to buy the Amazon protection plan


  • The system can be slightly heavier than many similar systems
  • It might not be the best when wanting to use it in professional settings

5. Pyle 1000W Portable PA System

If you want to combine excellent features of a portable PA system and a budget of under $200, this system needs a must mention. You can get ten-inch sub-woofers that come with quite high power. Furthermore, with a power of 800 W, you can even use this as a monitor.

The system can guarantee sound that can be used to target a huge audience. The sound produced will also not disappoint you- you can expect a crisp output that can be integrated with 35mmmof speakers. Bluetooth allows wireless play as well.


  • It comes with a Fuse that can protect from sudden surges of power
  • You can benefit from the recording feature of the system
  • The LED control panel can be a handy feature as well
  • Given that it is equipped with 2 handles, you can easily carry it around
  • It comes with a hitch, suited for the stand
  • It is known to be pretty durable
  • You are also able to purchase the Amazon protection plan of 4 years


  • It is known to sometimes make a buzzing sound

This is one of the most compact and affordable options in our list of best portable PA systems. It comes with some of the attractive features mentioned above. Given the two channels that the system is equipped with, you can get the ability to connect a microphone or a jack input from one channel while getting an RCA input option in the other.

You can also have a separate volume control system for each of the two channels. The LED display panel is an add-on, allowing you to explore both the input mode and the settings. It also comes with a mount and a hitch to connect to that stand.


  • It is pretty simple to set up and use
  • You can expect to get high-quality sound for a low price
  • The USB interface allows the charging of smartphones
  • The LED display allows for controls onboard
  • It is suitable for all kinds of occasions
  • You can also access several easy connections
  • It can be linked to multiple speakers at the same time using an XLR cable


  • It is known to sometimes malfunction

As you can guess from the size, this one is one of the most lightweight, compact, and portable voice amplifiers or PA systems out there, never compromising the quality of the output.

You can use it by simply tying to your waist using the waistband while given a presentation or even a guiding tour. It looks quite classy and is pretty straightforward in its operation. It also comes with a headset, which is pretty sturdy. You can switch it on with one key, loop, or repeat using other keys as well.


  • The design is pretty classy
  • The size is perfect for wearing during talks
  • It is pretty easy and convenient to use
  • Comes with a built-in lithium battery
  • The battery can work for pretty long- up to 8 hours
  • The design is also strong
  • Suitable for the elderly as well who cannot project their voices too well
  • Pretty easily carried around- lightweight, and compact


  • The battery is prone to failing sometimes

Info Section

Now that we have taken a look at the top 7 portable PA systems, it is important to have an overview of the information about PA systems that you should be aware of before making the call about which one to commit to. This section can help guide you through the buying process.

Some of the properties you should check out before exploring PA systems that can be easily carried around are discussed below. 


When the portability of a PA system is in question, it is not unexpected to look at the size as an important feature to consider. You can imagine that huge PA systems will be surely heavier than the ones with smaller dimensions. You must try to keep a check and a good balance between the weight and the size of the portable PA system you are exploring. 

Another size to keep in mind is the size of the target that your PA system is needed to cover. This can be a room, an area, or the number of people in the audience. These will help you make your mind for choosing the most suitable PA system. 


You might sometimes feel that a PA system that comes with added components can be more difficult to carry around. However, you should not forget that extra speakers or even mixers are useful add-ons. Furthermore, if you can record or even playback using your PA system, you can benefit quite a lot. This is why, it is even suggested that, if it fits your budget, you should keep an eye out for all-in-one options in the PA system. 

Wired or Wireless

This is somewhat based on preference- whether you want a wired system or not. However, it is important to note that wireless PA systems are surely easier to carry around. When going for the modern PA systems, you will usually come across wireless systems.

The wired options are more traditional. However, it is quite essential to note that the traditional PA systems tend to be more reliable in some cases and can surely give you output without any sort of distortion.

They are indeed a little harder than the wired system to be transported around. Wireless ones are quite mobile and you can easily connect to them within, usually, a range of 50 meters. Hence, it is important to find a healthy balance between quality and portability. 


As you can see in our list above, some of the PA systems come with the options to allow connections through USB, Bluetooth, AUX, SD card and some do not. This can be quite important to check if you have any specific preference or are used to using those connectivity features for your devices. In recent years, usually, all modern PA systems have these options available so you can surely not run out of choices in the market.


This is another important feature to keep in mind- as you may have guessed- going for PA systems with a higher wattage. When you have one with more wattage, you can get more power, as well as additional sound, through the output. However, you might struggle to find out how much power you require.

Generally, a 15-inch speaker tends to be quite loud but for a lower budget, you can get something around 10 or 12 inches as well. Living room stereos will need something around 50 W, while for a coffee shop performance, you might have to go for a PA system that has a Wattage of 150. If you are targeting big parties, 300 W will be a safer choice, and for drive car concerts, we advise you to go for nothing less than 500 W.

Concluding Remarks

We have given our verdict on the best portable PA systems out there, considering the aspects and features that work best for the job in question. It is your job now to choose what syncs most with your preferences and your environment.

It is important to ensure that prioritize the comfort and ease of usage when buying or committing to a PA system because you do not want additional hassles, rather added ease, to your settings. 

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