Best Portable Mattresses for Guests

Our bed is our private resting place for both body and soul. None of us enjoy sharing our precious possessions like our beds with other people. But what if they need a place to rest for the night? Best portable mattresses for guests are the key to keep overnight guests happy and still stop your home from looking like a bucket.

If you think your couch may not be too small or uncomfortable, and at least it's better than the floor, then boy, you're rude. Take a peek at this list of portable mattresses from our recommendations that you can pop out anytime you have guests over.

Best Portable Mattresses for Guests in 2021




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Best Portable Mattresses for Guests

Gel-infused memory foam

Slip-proof bottom

Poly-jacquard cover

Best Portable Mattresses for Guests

Microfiber hell with Down polyFill

Durable double stitching

Easy to clean

Best Portable Mattresses for Guests

Support memory foam

User manual provided

Easy to store

Best Portable Mattresses for Guests

Medium feel mattress

Safety lock wheels

Odorless mattress

Best Portable Mattresses for Guests

Gel-infused memory foam

Ventilated airflow

Cooling gel for heat

Best Portable Mattresses for Guests

Extra floor seating

Compressed pack technology

Supportive memory foam

Three-inch memory foam

Body shape adaptation

Machine washable cover

Free Carrying Bag

Edge support comfort

Dual air pillow top

Contouring coil construction

Double lock valve

Antimicrobial sleeping surface

Internal electric pump

Bottom ring stability

Free carry bag

1. Best Portable Mattresses for Guests: Best Price Mattress

Best Portable Mattresses for Guests

We know how embarrassing it is when you have guests over but can't ask them to stay because, well, you don't have any immediate arrangements. The Best Price mattress is here to make your mind and your bed.

Be it for camping outdoors or for indoor sleeping, this mattress is durable and comfortable enough to handle even a rough condition like a desert. This mattress has been certified US memory foam rating so you don't have to look before you sleep.


  • No gaps that you can feel
  • Relieves pressure all over body
  • Four inches of combined foam provide a soft and firm layer


  • It may give off a stench for the first few days if not washed

2. Best Portable Mattresses for Guests: Superior Down Mattress

Best Portable Mattresses for Guests

The superior Down Mattress is renowned among sleepers worldwide when it comes to giving your guests a place to sleep (at a low cost). Depending on the space in your bed or room, you can choose from four different sizes.

You can choose this portable mattress for guests to allow them a more peaceful sleeping experience. This mattress makes no sound, so it is ideal if you have a habit of tumbling around in your sleep. These are lightweight so that it is easy to move them easily from room to room.


  • Baffle box design helps to maintain shape for longer periods
  • Care label shows how to properly wash the mattress
  • It is hypoallergenic in case you have any allergies to worry about


  • The filling may bunch up after repeated use

3. Best Portable Mattresses for Guests: Olee Tri Fold

Best Portable Mattresses for Guests

The Olee transforms into everything from being a portable bed to a mobile chair. When you feel like relaxing on the floor, simply fold two parts into a V and end up with a stable place to wind down with some tea.

Since it can be folded three times, it's easier to store when you have sudden guests. The memory foam fits your shape and soothes every spot in your body for enjoyable, disturbance-free sleep.


  • Covers can be removed for separate wash
  • Tri-fold makes it easy to fit in the back of your car
  • You can replace the foam pads when damaged
  • Comes with a free pillowcase


  • The foam may not be as thick as some customers expect

4. Best Portable Mattresses for Guests: Lucid Rollaway Bed

Best Portable Mattresses for Guests

What's better than a portable mattress, you ask? Well, how about a portable bed that you can store and roll around from room to room.  The eleven-inch bed frame has enough space under it to store any bulky bag.

If you are worried about the wheels moving during their sleep, then don't freak out! They won't think the bed's possessed as the locking system holds it in place. The frame is easy to store. Simply fold it in half and the thin body will take lesser space than you would expect.


  • Breathable cover to wick sweat
  • Installation of bed is quick and tool-free
  • Deck absorbs shock to avoid bouncing off


  • Manufacturing inconsistency

5. Best Portable Mattresses for Guests: Best Price Topper

Best Portable Mattresses for Guests

The Best Price Topper is predominantly known for its top-notch quality at a comparatively lower price. It contorts your body form to equally distribute weight when you sleep.

This bed has been accurately constructed to fit standard bed sheets. The gel beads inside keep the night cool and comfortable for your guests. The best part is that this portable guest mattress consists of five areas that comfort your body.


  • Tested for safety and sanitary measures
  • Relieves stress points across your body
  • Ventilated for proper airflow


  • Older citizens may find some discomfort

6. Best Portable Mattresses for Guests: Olee Foam Topper

Best Portable Mattresses for Guests

Looking for a compact and portable mattress for guests so that you can fix them up in any room you prefer? The Olee Foam Topper should be your go-to choice then. Storage is made easy with this 4-inch mattress.

How is it, you ask? You will be surprised to know that that the construction of Olee allows it to fold thrice. The memory foam comforts any guest with a good night's sleep. Its duality also lets you place these against a wall to create a seat on the floor. If you are still not satisfied, return it!


  • Long enough for taller individuals
  • Gel foam keeps cool overnight
  • Support foam helps to sleep on a hard surface


  • Narrow width so moving around is harder

Whenever you require a sleeping zone for your guests, the Supreme topper is the best option. The most appealing part of it is that it accurately emulates the sensation of lying down on a good-old 90s mattress.

The Tempur Supreme Topper provides long-lasting comfort thanks to the use of memory foam. Begin to notice how stress-free you feel as soon as you lay on this. Everything is balanced across the surface, including the ability to relieve pressure in the areas where it is most heavily stored.


  • Removable cover for a more effective wash
  • Medium-firm surface provides the best balance of comfort
  • Three-inch height is elevated from the floor


  • May receive faulty cover with your purchase

Want a mattress that's just downright thick? Look no further. Many people prefer the Intex mattress when it comes to purchasing the best portable mattresses for their houseguests. These are thick and firm, and they serve as pseudo beds that are absolutely delightful to sleep on.

This is one of the fastest inflating mattresses as it takes not more than five minutes to fully inflate. A soft flocking layer on the surface of the mattress creates the illusion that the mattress is a part of your own body. Talk about stimulating the senses!


  • Indented sides stop sheets placed to not come off
  • Maximum holding weight is 600 lbs after inflation
  • Carrying bag makes storing and moving simple


  • Bottom is rounded which makes it unsuitable for permanent use

Most portable mattresses run out of use after the first few nights but Coleman promises durability like dark clouds promise rain. It is airtight so that there is no sound of air escaping to keep you up at night.

This mattress has an antimicrobial surface that keeps it clean and odorless so that every night, your sleep is a rejuvenating experience. A 120-volt pump inflates the entire mattress in an astonishing three minutes, so whenever your guests are sleepy, you are ready.


  • Pump deflates as fast as it inflates
  • Warranty for up to a year
  • One lock for the pump and one to keep the air in


  • Bottom is rounded which makes it unsuitable for permanent use

Intex is here again with another new airbed for you and your guys and this time they offer it in a standard queen size which is perfect for two not-too-freakishly-tall people to sleep in. It features a stylish and elegant surface that is velvety to touch and for your comfort.

An electronic pump helps you to inflate this bed faster so that you don't have to keep any guests waiting. After inflation, the bed reaches a height of 22 inches tall making it easier for you to get off the bed after a good night's rest. Since this is an airbed, it is easy to keep the floor below your bed cleaner.


  • Sixteen gauge thickness ensures tear and puncture-free use
  • Warranty of a year
  • Holds up to 600 lbs. of combined weight


  • Differences present in measurements

Buying Guide

When buying a product you need to make sure that you're crossing every box in the list, big or small. You don't want to regret buying a faulty bed just because you didn't know more about it during the initial buy.

This buying guide will help you make a smarter and more reliable purchase for buying portable mattresses for guests and we have compiled a checklist that you may find helpful. 

Foam Composition

Folding and portable mattresses are lightweight because of their foam filling. In folding mattresses, this is necessary to make them easy to move.

Most folding mattresses consist of two types of foam:

  1. Polyfoam: Mattresses with this filling are often the cheapest in terms of price making it the best budget-orientated choice. However, unlike standard mattresses, these also tend to be a bit uncomfortable if you are unable to adjust quickly.
  2. Memory foam: A more scientific mattress, memory foam will adjust to your body shape, and when there is a lack of body heat it will return to its original shape when cooled down. This provides the best feel and helps to relieve painful pressure points across your body. These may cost more but the price is worth a good night's sleep.

Mattress Cover

On most portable mattresses, you will find a removable cover that acts as a layer of protection between you and your mattress. This is to keep moisture from seeping in and causing damage. Removable covers can be washed separately but there are some which cannot be taken off as they are sewn on.

Mattress Height

Mattresses are shorter than beds but they also come with some benefits. If you move around a lot then you should get a shorter mattress as the smaller the size the more portable it will be whereas thicker ones will provide you with more comfort.

Mattress Dimensions

When storing or placing your mattress in a room you should be aware of all the dimensions to make sure how much space it will take up. For larger individuals, a queen or XL size would be better but if you are sleeping alone then you'll be fine with a narrow one.

Mattress Firmness

The filling of a mattress is determined by how soft or firm you want your mattress to be. You can choose between firm and medium-firm options when picking from folding mattresses. This will also determine its ability to be folded as the thicker the filling the more firm it will be but it will also take up more space when in storage.


Are portable mattresses a wise investment?

The short answer is yes. A portable mattress is so much better than a bed which is likely to cost more depending on the kind of material that it is made from. If you ever run out of space for your friends to sit on then you can bust a mattress out of your closet.

This makes more room for you and your friends if you are having a sleepover and your bed is too small for so many people. What's even better is that your children can sit down on a bouncy mattress to have fun instead of the cold hard floor.

Is it better for conserving space?

If you are a broke college student living in a tiny apartment or if you just like to live alone then a portable mattress will make things so much easier for you. You can deflate it and store it for later use so that you have more space to do another thing such as working out or if you need space to study.

A portable mattress is the best choice if you want to avoid the feeling of a congested space in an already tiny room. You can get a single person or a larger size depending on how much space you have.

Do I have to keep my room clean if guests come over?

If you are someone who rarely has guests over then there is no point in buying a solid bed. It will just take up more space and you have to spend time cleaning the bed and changing the sheets even if there is no one around to use it.

Cleaning under a bed can also be difficult if no space allows you to go under the bed.  With a portable mattress, you can move it wherever you want so that you have more space to move around when cleaning. You will also find it easy to clean portable beds as some only require a simple wipe with a rag and some soap.

Are portable mattresses really travel-friendly?

You will have an easier time lugging around a portable bed than you would a real one. The weight makes a huge difference and some portable beds can be deflated or folded in half so that you can place them in the back of the car.

You can take it on camping or fishing trips so that you and your family have a comfortable place to sit instead of the dirty and dusty ground. As long as it's not hiking, you can take a portable mattress anywhere you go.

Are Portable Mattresses storage-friendly?

The point of a mattress being storage-friendly is to make it easy to move and a portable mattress can be stored in any closet or wardrobe depending on the size. Some portable mattresses come with wheels at the bottom so you can move them from one room to the other without much force and these wheels also come with locking mechanisms.

Foldable mattresses are easier to store and some can even be folded three times which allows you to utilize more uses from them. They are also lightweight and some even come with bags to help you store them.

Final Words

A portable mattress can be the difference in how your guests view you as a host, whether it be horrible or as a gracious one. Every mattress on this list will help you sleep peacefully but the one we recommend the most is the Intex Deluxe Mattress because of its ability to inflate and deflate quickly. Pick the one you feel is right for you, because, well, you don't want to be a bad host. Happy sleeping!

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