Best Portable CD Players with Speakers

With the advent of the digital age, every aspect of our lives is turning digital. The portable CD players are no exception. Some may think CD players are obsolete. However, people with a robust CD collection and enthusiasm for high-quality depth of sound, tend to prefer CDs over digital downloads or streaming.  Check our article on the best portable CD players with speakers.

Our article on the best portable CD players with speakers presents the best devices available in the contemporary market and discusses their salient features so that you can select from the best without hesitation.

Best Portable CD Players with Speakers in 2021

There are a good number of portable CD players in the market that are distinct from one another in terms of features. Take a look at the list below to find the one that matches your preference.




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Best Portable CD Players with Speakers

CD player supports playback CDs, CD-R/RW and MP3 CDs

FM/AM playback 

Up to 23 hours of battery life

Mega Bass boost sound system

Recording option

Built-in cassette tape deck

AUX input

Two full-range 3.25inch woofers

Best Portable CD Players with Speakers

Bluetooth connectivity

4 EQ modes

Two speakers

SD/FM radio playback

Remote Control

Rechargeable batteries

Boombox like design 

Best Portable CD Players with Speakers

CD-R/CD-RW/mp3 CD player

AM/FM stereo radio


Two 1.5W speakers

LED lighting panel

CD player supports playback CDs, CD-R/RW and MP3 CDs

AM/FM stereo radio


USB recording and playback

Mega Bass sound enhancement

Up to 26 hours battery backup

CD Player, CD-R/RW Compatible

LED display

AM/FM stereo radio

Auxiliary Input for connecting iPod, Mp3, and other digital audio players

1. Best Portable CD Players with Speakers: Sony CFD-S70

Best Portable CD Players with Speakers

Sony is a popular brand that has been producing a good range of sound devices for decades. One such product is the Sony CDF-S70. It is a CD player that is incredibly rich in features and quality. It also comes with a cassette tape deck for people who are still into cassettes.   

The product has a design similar to an old-school boombox cassette player. It is round at the edges and compact in size. Its diameters are (12.25in x 5.6in x 8.4in) and weigh 4.2 lbs. (excluding batteries). 

The front end has a cassette tape deck at the front. On the left and right sides, there are two 3.25-inch cone woofers. The top part consists of a CD player, an LCD screen, and a control panel. It is divided into three sections. On the right side, there is a CD control to operate the CD player, a button to boost the bass, and volume control.  The middle part contains the playback buttons for operating the cassette tape deck. The left side has the power buttons, tuning buttons, preset buttons, and AM/FM controllers.

The device supports CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RW, and mp3 CDs. Users can also record cassettes in the cassette tape section. There is an FM antenna and AC power input at the back and a battery compartment at the bottom. In addition, the Sony CFD-S70 comes with an AUX input to connect it with other devices and use it as a speaker.  

The Sony CFD-S70 has an impressive battery backup. It can play for 23 hours of AM/FM, 10 hours of CD playback, and almost 15 hours for cassettes. The device is decently packaged and contains an AC power cable, a 1-year warranty card, and a user manual. 


  • Clear vocals and balanced trebles
  • Mega Bass feature
  • A good number of features for a mid-range device


  • Lacks USB
  • Lacks Bluetooth and Remote

2. Best Portable CD Players with Speakers: Toshiba TY-CWU510

Best Portable CD Players with Speakers

The Toshiba TY-CWU510 is an incredible device that boasts impressive features and a great sound system. The design is quite similar to an old-school boombox. Most of the operating buttons are located on the front of the CD player. The top part has an LCD in the middle, a power button on the left, and a function/mode button on the right. 

Few inches below, there is a large volume control at the middle. The two sides contain the EQ buttons. Playback controls, radio controls, mute button, and the lighting button. And the bottom part has a 3.5mm output for headphones, 3.5mm input, and a USB port that supports up to 32 GB. 

The device has two 3.25-inch woofers that have in-built lights. The lights can be manually turned on and off. It also has two passive bass radiators, an FM antenna, and an AC power charging unit. There is also a handle located at the top to carry the CD player. 

The device has Bluetooth, a USB port, and an AUX input that allows users to play from external devices or use the CD player as a speaker. The CD player supports CDs, CD-R, CD-RW, and mp3 CDs. It has a good playback time of 10 hours when using the CD player.


  • Cool lighting system
  • Tons of features in one CD player
  • Impressive sound


  • No micro-SD card slot
  • No AM tuner

3. Best Portable CD Players with Speakers: Magnavox MD6972

Best Portable CD Players with Speakers

Users who want a CD player that is both rich in features and cheap can look out for the Magnavox MD6972 CD player. The device is almost round and similar to an old-school boombox in design. It is compact and weighs only 4.5lbs. making the devices easy to carry around. To carry the device, there is a handle located on the top of the device.  

The front part contains a power indicator, an LCD in the middle, and two 1.5W speakers that are located on the two sides. The display shows the clock, information of the playing track, and the AM/FM frequency. Located above, are most of the controls of the CD player. The middle part hosts the CD player, playback controls, and the memory/preset button. On the right side, there is a tuner and a BT/CD switch. The left side consists of the volume control and the lighting button. 

The CD player comes with an FM antenna at the back and a 3.5mm input and a 3.5mm headphone output. The batteries can be attached to the compartment located at the bottom. However, the device does not come with batteries. It has to be brought separately.  

The device has Bluetooth of version 2.1. Users can connect external devices to the CD player. The CD player supports CD formats like CD-R, CD-RW, and mp3. The battery backup is quite impressive. It delivers up to 15 hours of CD playing. One impressive feature of the CD player is the LED lights below the display. It can be turned off to increase the playback time of the CD player. 


  • Great sound quality
  • Budget-friendly with a good number of features
  • Impressive battery backup


  • Outdated Bluetooth version (2.1)

4. Best Portable CD Players with Speakers:

 Sony ZSR-S60BT

Another impressive CD player of Sony is the ZSR-S60BT model. Considering its features and price, it is one of the best CD players on our list. It is compact and weighs only 4.4lbs. making it easy to carry. The device also has a handle attached to the top  

 Most of its control is located on the front panel of the CD player. An LCD is positioned in the middle that shows the power and battery indicators. Below that display, there are CD, USB, FM/AM, audio input, and Bluetooth buttons. The playback control is set below the display and each side contains two 3inch woofers.

The battery compartment is located at the bottom of the CD player. It comes with an FM antenna that allows the device to shuffle between 20 FM stations and 10 AM stations. There is also an AC power input at the back of the device. It supports most types of CDs (CD-R. CD-RW, AND mp3). One impressive feature of the device is the recording mode. Users have to press the REC button and the device starts to record the CD content to a USB device in mp3 format. Furthermore, the device hosts an AUX output and Bluetooth that allows the device to become a portable speaker. 

The device has an impressive battery backup. It can play FM for up to 25 hours, CDs for up to 9 hours, USB for up to 15 hours, and wireless for up to 13 hours. Furthermore, it also hosts the Sony Mega Bass feature that provides a richer hearing experience.  


  • Tons of features
  • Impressive sounds even in highs
  • Reasonably priced


  • Outdated Bluetooth version (2.1)

5. Best Portable CD Players with Speakers

Jensen CD-490

The amount of features on the Jensen CD-490 is one element that sets it apart. It supports CD-R/RW and has an LED CD track display that shows track information to help you understand what's playing.

The device's design is reminiscent of an old-school boombox. On the device's front panel, there are several controls. For example, you may skip or search a track, go ahead or backward in time, repeat one or all recordings, and take use of a programmed memory.

However, if you've had your fill of CDs and need to listen to something else from your preferred radio station, then know that the device is equipped with an AM/FM stereo receiver to assist you.

The antenna guarantees that you receive nothing but clean and uninterrupted reception at all times. When it comes to listening to music anyplace, the stereo headphone jack allows you to modify the way you listen to a CD player.

You may now put in your earphone or headset and get even closer to the rhythm than before. The aux input also adds to the device's value. You may use this to connect your iPod, MP3 player, or any digital audio device. This is a fantastic feature that will allow you to listen to your music on the go.

On the left and right sides of the front end, there are two woofers. In the center, there is also an LCD and control buttons.

The AUX input and headphone output are likewise positioned beneath the display. The CD player, AM/FM tuner, and volume control are all located on the top part. The battery compartment is located on the bottom of the device.

The Jensen CD-490's aesthetic is another factor that keeps it at the top. Normally, individuals are perplexed as to which CD player to choose from the shelves. When it comes to aesthetics, though, the CD-490 shines out.

As a result, deciding on one shouldn't be difficult. It features a sporty appearance with a folding carrying handle that matches the rest of the bag. There's a lot more to it than the handle. This radio is available in 4 distinctive colors to suit your preferences.

And if you like curves, you'll appreciate the Jensen CD-490's curviness. The soft eject CD cover is one-of-a-kind. The glossy coating elevates the player's overall appearance.

Jensen's goal and mission has always been to develop the highest-quality consumer electronics goods while also embracing cutting-edge technologies. The high-quality speakers demonstrate this. As a result, you'll hear a crystal-clear sound.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Lots of features
  • In-built foldable carrying handle


  • Poorly built device
  • No Bluetooth

Info Section

Before you buy a portable CD player with speakers, it best to know about some of the details. The market is filled with a variety of devices. That is why selecting the perfect one can get perplexing. Being aware of these key points might help you select the perfect device that best matches your preference. 


Most of the CD players are meant to be portable to allow users to carry them everywhere. Most CD players also bear a handle at the top to assist the portability. If you want to move your CD player often, try to find one that is compact and lightweight. Most of them weigh around 4-5 lbs. Our above list includes devices that weigh 4-4.5lbs. Also, you can look for CD players that come with foldable handles for more ease. 

CD Support

Nowadays most CD players support all types of CDs. However, some of them might differ and only support CD-R and CD-RW and not mp3 CDs. Try to look for the one that supports all formats.


One of the main attributes of a portable CD player is to provide good quality sound. Some speakers sound great at lows and mids but might produce distorted sounds when producing highs. So, before buying try to check the sound in all three categories. Also, look for additional features. For example, Sony has a Mega Boost feature in its CD players for people who love added bass to their music.  

Playback Time

CD players vary in their playback time. Also, they differ hugely in their playback time in different modes. If you are always on the go or want a rechargeable CD player, try to find one that has a good playback time. 

Additional Features

The CD players that are available in the market differ mostly because of these minute features. Try to find devices that come with an AUX input, Bluetooth transmitter, and receiver, Boombox-like design, LED lighting, FM/AM tuner, and many other such features.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I play the portable CD player through my car speakers?

Yes. But for that, your CD player needs to have a headphone output and your car needs to have a 3.5mm input. You can connect both of them and play your CD player through your car speakers. Another way to do so is by connecting your Bluetooth to your car’s Bluetooth. However, make sure that your CD player has a Bluetooth transmitter. 

How much does a portable CD player with speakers cost?

Several CD players in the market vary in price for their distinct features. Some CD players have tons of features and are quite expensive. Usually, they cost between $100-$150. You will also find good CD players below $100. The cheapest ones are priced below $50. However, the features of the cheaper CD players might be less compared to the high-end ones. 

What are some of the best portable CD players with speakers in 2021?

Well, there are tons of brands that make portable CD players with speakers. Out of all, our list suggests Toshiba and Sony be the top-notch brands to select from. Both of them are well-known brands that users can rely on eyes closed. However, there are other brands too that make good quality speakers. It all boils down to the preference of the user and their affordability.  


A portable CD player with a speaker is the best thing you can have to get a rich music experience and make use of those old CD collections. You may also experience a moment of nostalgia when listening to music on a portable CD player. 

The list that we have put together highlights the best portable CD players with speakers that are available in the market. Your preference might differ based on your choice. However, make sure to look over the listed products. Surely, it shall not disappoint you. 

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