Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway

Portable basketball hoops are easy to install and are simple to move around. These Basketball Hoops can be installed in both indoor and outdoor. Whether you have a driveway, you need to utilize or introduce your ball court, buying a compact item is the most spending plan amicable approach to get back a dependable basketball loop. There are a lot of brands and options for you to explore. Best portable basketball hoops for driveway. Lifetime, Spalding, Franlink brings you freestanding hoops of adjustable heights. For children as well as professional players. 

Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway in 2021

Among hundreds of portable basketball hoops for driveway available in the market, choosing the best one is a daunting task. Find th best one from our list below.




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Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway


Fade Resistant Graphics

7.5 feet minimum height

Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway

154 pounds

54 Inches Acrylic Backboard

7.5 feet minimum height

Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway

Telescoping mechanism

Steel constructed body 

6.5 feet minimum height

Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway

48 Inches Shatterproof Backboard

31 gallons portable base

All weather Nylon net

Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway

Alloy Steel Frame


6.5 feet minimum height

Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway

Adjustable height of 3.7 to 6.7 feet. 

10 gallons water base 

Strong PE backboard

Steel frame 

5 feet Minimum height 

Infinity edge acrylic Backboard

Wall Mounted 

Steel frame 

Water splash sprinkler 

Arena style padding 

34 gallons base 

7.5 feet minimum height

43 inches backboard 

Adjustable height from 5 feet to 10 feet 

18 inches Rim

1. Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway: Lifetime 1269 Pro

Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway

Lifetime is one of the most trusted brands to supply quality sports materials. The model 1269 Portable Basketball Hoop has a framework that comes in Red and White tones. This model has room for specification and manual installation of modified parts to give you a personalized experience. You can add additional materials to the loop stand if you want, but you need to go through the user manual, where they have precisely explained that modifications are viable for this model. 

This model has a versatile circle framework. The backboard is 44 inches broad. The base measurement is 43.2 inches X 30 inches X 6 inches. The shaft is 2.75 inches. It has a round base. The base requires 27 gallons of support for a firm balance. The height of the loop is perfectly adjustable. It has an extending tallness change component that changes from 10 to 7.5 feet.  

The 44 inches Shatterproof Fusion backboard is made with a Polycarbonate playing area.  The acrylic backboard produces better bank shots, rebounds and holds up better than the plastic backboard. This model also has Blur Resistant Graphics. It comprises a 3 Piece steel shaft to make sure the safety in all climate.


  • Stiff acrylic backboard
  • Room for modification
  • Blur Resistant Graphics


  • Water base does not support freezy climate

2. Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway: Spalding NBA Basketball Hoop System 71564

Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway

The home court is the place where legends start. The Spalding Ultimate Hybrid Portable Basketball Hoop gives you the accommodation of a convenient framework while conveying the high bounce back found on the expert court. But, unfortunately, it's anything but a safety glass or acrylic backboard furnished with field style cushioning, and a rock solid breakaway edge worked for horrendous dunks.

The base of this model is generally rectangular. It is 32 inches wide and 50 inches profound. Additionally, a ground anchor that screws into the ground and connects to the back of the base by a rope that broadens the profundity is 16 inches.

The Screw Jack lift framework is straightforward enough for even the most youthful players to utilize. The Ultimate Hybrid base sets aside less effort to amass than a conventional base. It's anything but a blend of water and sand, which you can stack in with no shifting required. A cover on top keeps the balance far away for a perfect look.


  • Arena Slam breakaway rim
  • Requires only two people to assemble
  • Strong acrylic backboard


  • Assembly may seem complicated

3. Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway: Franklin Sports

Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway

The Franklin Sports Hoop with a 44 inches strong infused formed backboard is ideal for driveway basketball. This model incorporates a 44-inch infused strong backboard, a steel b-ball edge and a 24 gallons base.

The customizable post permits you to change the ball objective from 6.5 feet to 10 feet, so players of all ages can have a good game at their level. 

The Franklin Sports Basketball Hoop is not at all like fixed ball frameworks generally fixed in the ground-this convenient loop is on wheels, permitting you to put this circle any place you think is helpful.


  • Can use Regular NBA size balls
  • Easy to move
  • Suitable for people with an average height


  • Adding wet sand to the base

4. Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway: Lifetime Portable Basketball System

Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway

Lifetime Basketball Hoop helps you to carry the level of your game. This is an upgraded model by Lifetime with a component that changes from 8 to 10 feet high, making it reasonable for everybody from young players to professionals who are thriving in their career.

This Lifetime versatile b-ball framework additionally considers simple one-gave changes utilizing the locking steel bar. It's anything but a Slam-It edge and an all-climate nylon net. You can have the system install in any weather without any worry. The Shatterproof Backboard comes with a polycarbonate playing surface for a challenging as well as supportive glass look. 

This Lifetime Adjustable Basketball Hoop 90491 has screen-printed designs with UV-secured inks for prevalent shading and assurance against the components. It also has a 3 inches distance across a round steel shaft. With a 31-gallon versatile base, this framework is not difficult to move. So you can move it from your driveway to the road or anywhere else very easily. 

This set also includes an elastic ball in radiant red, white and blue tones, so you are prepared to deal with your shooting and spilling abilities or play a serious game. 


  • Easy to move the position
  • Excellent quality net
  • Durable, sturdy base


  • Assembly may seem like a challenge

5. Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway: KL KLB Sport Portable Basketball Hoop

Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway

KL KLB Sport has used solid materials for this Portable Basketball Hoop model. This ace b-ball framework is made of durable steel. The backboard is made from a tough polycarbonate; high-density polycarbonate gives a higher impact backboard than plastic. And has an all-climate nylon net, making the entire body of the loop strong, steady, and compact. This loop is constructed to last through numerous basketball seasons. 

The weighted versatile base (43" x 21") loads up with water or sand, guaranteeing standing and security as your training your shots. Furthermore, the two underlying wheels give the accommodation during transportation and moving. 

This loop can be changed from 6.5ft to 10ft. It will be suitable for youngsters of various age reaches to rehearse their game. This loop model is ideal for playing basketball outdoors or indoors because of its simple convenience with the connected wheels.


  • Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor use
  • Weather-resistant system and net
  • Powder-coated rust-resistant steel


  • Filling up wet sand base

6. Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway: ONETWOFIT Basketball Hoop System

Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway

ONETWOFIT made this particular model for children and young adults practice indoor to improve their skills. The flexible post permits you to change this ball goal from 3.7 feet to 6.7 feet, with the goal that players of all ages can appreciate the game at their level. 

The backboard is made using PE material that gives you an alternate encounter for basketball. It has a frame of three-sided solidness and a bigger base, which is more stable than other loops with single stands. The best of the base give unquestionably consistent performance, making the basketball experience more thrilling. Of course, it needs to be filled with sand or water for protection and consistency. 

You can try out your leap shot at your house or play out various shooting, or dunking drills with this model of OneTwoFit Adjustable Portable Basketball Hoop. Dissimilar to fixed ball frameworks are fixed in the ground. This versatile model is on wheels, which allows you to put this circle any place you think is generally helpful. 

This ball framework movability considers you to bring to your family or companions make a full-court. So it can make for huge loads of fun and upgrade your feeling.


  • Adjustable for children
  • Strong triangle base
  • Water filled base


  • The loop height may not match for professionals

Silverback NXT helps you save space in your driveway. The NXT permits you to mount the ball objective to a divider outdoor or indoor. This model is ideal for driveways, outbuildings, schools, camps, and that's just the beginning. This basketball band comes halfway collected with appended equipment, counting the backboard, edge, nylon net, and divider mount. This model includes powder-covered steel.

It also allows you to amass your goal quickly or less. Mounting equipment is excluded. The Infinity Edge backboard has edges that fold over to the rear of the backboard as one ceaseless material for expanded inflexibility.

The spring-enacted edge flexes under tension, like proficient style edges. The favourable style breakaway edge likewise ensures the backboard and forestalls player wounds. 

Silverback offers a five-year restricted guarantee on any manufactural inconvenience.  


  • Saves space
  • Prevents injuries
  • It comes with 5 years guarantee


  • It cannot be installed against brick walls.

This is a fantastic model. Splashball connects between the help bars of most fixed edge basketball circles and some breakaway edges, giving a moment to move up to your home court. Connect your nursery hose.

Splashball will give a 4-second shower of water each time a crate is made, showering players And the playing surface bringing about a cooler driveway court during a game. At last, a pleasant basketball preparing frill for building free tossing and 3 point abilities at home. 

This model is very simple to install.  It comes with all equipment expected to append to your home basketball band, including establishment guidelines. With two grown-ups, it requires around 15-30 minutes to assemble the set. Directions are incorporated with the unit and you can get to a video connect for guidance model. So the establishment isn't unreasonably burdensome. 


  • A fun model
  • Saves space
  • Strong base and rim


  • Not for all weathers

This convenient loop framework gives a great experience of the arena even if you have installed it in your driveway. Its acrylic backboard has a bounce-back equalled exclusively by the glass. The 50 inches backboard accompanies a field style board cushion and a Pro Slam breakaway edge.

The framework has a 3.5" oval steel shaft with an Exactaheightâ„¢ lift framework, which changes from 7.5 feet to the guideline of 10 feet. This model gets its stablitiy on the base with a 34-gallon base. It is also equipped with two while that increase mobility.


  • Light in weight
  • Easy to install
  • Strong framework


  • Wet sand base

WIN.MAX brings you a standard portable basketball hoop goal system. This model is adjustable from 5 feet to 10 feet. It has been availed for kids to practice and to have a good basketball  experinace. The backboard is 43 inches wide and made from shatterproof PE. 

The quality of the framework very durable. The rim is 18 inches. So it is easy for children to adapt and fun for grown-ups too. It was be installed in your driveway. There are two wheels attached to the base that allows free movement.


  • Easy for children
  • Strong framework
  • A wide backboard


  • Required Assembly

Buyer's Guide to Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Driveway

There are few features you need to look into a portable basketball hoops before choosing a perfect match for your driveway. 


The base of a portable basketball loop is significant. It needs to be firm and steady. The base handles a lot of pressure in a rough match. If the loop is not strong built to take powerful shots, it will not be a good game experience. 

Rim Size

The rim size needs to match the sizes of the basketball sizes. Most portable basketball loops come in a standard rim size to play with regular-sized basketballs. 


Backboard is an essential gear. It is made of a level, inflexible piece of, frequently, Plexiglas or treated glass. The broader the backboard in a portable loop, the safer the game is. 


How Much Do Portable Basketball Hoops Cost?

Portable basketball hoops start under $200. These section level frameworks give a more modest base yet may incorporate tallness changes and different highlights while offering a backboard that is 54 inches or less even. The expert quality 60+ treated glass compact ball circle may cost more than $1,000.

What Is the Best Portable Basketball Hoop Backboard Materials to Use An Affordable Price?

A backboard produced using formed plastics or eco-composites can be up to $1,000, not exactly a polycarbonate, glass backboard, or acrylic. If you go for a less expensive choice, the expense is altogether less. By and large, you can track down a convenient basketball circle for just $200 to $400.

What Is the Ideal Size of Backboards In a Portable Basketball Hoop?

A standard backboard of guideline size will be 72 inches even and 42 inches vertical. The square shape inside the board should quantify 24 inches even and 18 inches vertical, with the line being two crawls in width. By decreasing the size of the backboard, the framework gets lighter and more versatile. This is additionally why essentially all convenient backboards are not made with glass. 

How Important Is the Base of a Portable Basketball Hoop?

The models with a decent base will want to withstand the hardest games, while those with an unstable base are at risk to fall over. If you have forceful, more seasoned players or are keen on attempting stunt shots off of a polycarbonate backboard and need to hang off the band, your basketball hoop needs to have a base powerful so that you can charge powerful shots. 

Final Thoughts

Consider the height of your garage or driveaway to pick the height of the basketball loop. The type of your game level is something to consider while making the decision. We have catered the pros and cons of the products for you to make your decision. Hope this article was helpful to you!

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