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Best Portable Washing Machine Reviews 2017 | Top 10 Washers


For years, people have had a washing machine, and mounted it in one place. Most of these machines are large, bulky and take up a ton of space. However, as washing machines have evolved over time, they have now become portable. Portable washing machines are generally smaller than regular washing machines, and the best part is, you can move them. So, if you have a huge load of laundry that needs to be done upstairs, no problem! Portable washing machines are fit to adjust to any environment and eliminate the horrible phase of having to walk up flights of stairs to do laundry.


Why you should buy a portable washer:

We suggest portable washers for a variety of reasons. They’re cheaper than regular washers and still produce the same great outcome. They take up way less space which allows you to do something else with that space instead. All in all, portable washers make chores so much easier and really helps get that dreaded laundry done much quicker.


We put together a little list of some of the best portable washing machines on the market.


Starting off with 10,


10. Midea 3kg compact portable washing machine


 This machine makes our list for a variety of different reasons. There are two different built in rollers to make sure that everything thrown in this bad boy will be washed to its full potential. It can hold up to 6.6 pounds of dirty laundry. It is a very well planned out size. It can easily fit into smaller spaces which makes it perfect for apartment/smaller room use. Overall, it is priced a bit higher than some of the other washers on the market but it is still a great washer and gets the job done. Regardless of how you use it though, a one year warranty is included to make sure that you will always have a beautiful, working washer.



9, Electric Portable Washer & Spin Dryer, Mini Washing Machine and Spin Drying Twin Tub Washer

 At number 9, we have another great portable washer. This washer is one of the most unique washers on the market. It is a two in one. It has a built in drying system as well as the wash system. Basically, this puppy does all of the work for you. All you do it load up the dirty stuff and it comes out squeaky clean. This portable washer is super easy to set up because there are no additional parts that you need to assemble on, and no plumbing needed! You can fit up to 7.7 pounds of dirty laundry at once. All in all, this is one of the better all around portable washers on the market. It requires hardly any work and produces clean product every time!



8, Bismi Portable Compact Washer

 Coming in at number 8, a very consumer friendly washer. This puppy comes in weighing right around 30 pounds which means it is perfect to move, and to fit into small places. It has a huge twin tub to make sure you get both sides of the wash. You can fit up to 12 pounds in the washer and 8 pounds in the dryer. It is a dual threat washer. The interior is made with beautiful stainless steel to make sure this isn’t considered a “piece of junk”, everything is put together very securely. You can set the control timer to the exact time that you need to make sure that everything is done to your exact liking. Overall, this is a fantastic portable washer/dryer. We have it a touch higher on our list because it is priced a bit higher than some of the other washers on the market, but still has a ton of great features.




7, Best Choice Products Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

 At 7, we have a fantastic product. This washer has the double washer/dryer combo to eliminate having to buy another separate appliance. You can wash/dry up to 13 pounds of clothes in one trip. There are adjustable timers for both the washer and dryer to avoid having to constantly check in on everything or restart the washer. This is super ideal for small spaces such as a dorm or apartment because of its small make, and doesn’t weigh a ton either. It has a super effective motor and is very quiet so it won’t interrupt any daily activities. In all, this washer is a fantastic product. It is super easy to setup and use which can oftentimes be a huge hassle for some people. You can drain the mess right to the sink if needed also. This come in at 7 on our list because it is super affordable and has everything that is needed to make sure that your laundry comes out perfectly every time.



6, Panda Portable Compact Cloths Dryer


 This is a fantastic dryer. There are two sizes for this particular model. One is more expensive than the other but it is also bigger. One size can hold 8 pounds of clothes versus the 13 pounds the other can hold. This is a beautiful dryer. The inside is made up of high end stainless steel and the outside with plastic. There is an option that you can mount this to the wall even. It’s a slightly heavy portable washer but it still can go wherever needed. There is the same built in drying mode to make sure you get the whole ordeal. It doesn’t use up a ton of energy which makes it a very suitable replacement for a regular washer. For the drying aspect, there are different options that you can select such as air dry, or high/low heat. Overall, this is slightly pricy. But it one of the most sustainable portable washers on the market.



5, Small Compact Portable Apartment Washing Machine

 This is a great portable washer because it is 100% automatic. No extra work needed to make sure everything turns out perfect here. It is ultra compact and is mounted on 2 wheels for easy transportation and moving needs. The actual software built in has 5 different cycles and 3 different settings so all of your laundry comes out nice and comfy. The three different water settings include hot/cold, warm/cold, and cold/cold. This washer is as quiet as an open field: you could hear a pin drop while running laundry. You can place it in busy areas and not have to worry about a lot of extra noise. In all, we have this washer at 5 because of how well built it is a long with the plethora of amenities that come with it too.



4, Portable Compact Washer and Spin Dry Cycle with Built in Pump

 Coming in at number 4, we have another beauty. This elegantly crafted washer is a two in one washer and dryer. You can fit 8.8 pounds in the washer and 5.5 pounds in the dryer. It’s basically killing two birds with one stone when buying this washer. It is an overall very quiet washer that doesn’t take too long to get the job done. You can wash almost anything in here, it can withstand a ton. It doesn’t take up much more power than a regular appliance so it won’t destroy your electricity bill. We place this at number four for a couple of different reasons. 1. The price is fantastic. Less than a ton of other portable washers available, but still gets the same great work done. 2. It is super user friendly, easy to clean/set up and doesn’t waste a ton of extra time.



3, The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash Non-electric Portable Compact Mini Washing Machine

 We have a super unique portable washer here. This washer doesn’t use one ounce of electricity. You have to hand crank to wash, but it can last longer than almost any washer. You aren’t adding any electricity to the bill. It is smaller than the rest of the washers that we talked about so it can fit ANYWHERE. Now if something is dirty on the boat, wham! No issues! It has one of the best prices around, priced way under every other washer we mentioned. We have this washer listed at number 3 because of how unique it is. Since it doesn’t need electricity it is very versatile. You are going to save a ton of money when using this washer. Tons of users that purchased this washer said it was a life changer on family trips and small apartments.



2, Electric Small Mini Portable Compact Washer Washing Machine

 Getting to the best of our list, we have a very affordable washer here. This portable washer is as easy to use as 1,2,3. All you have to do is fill with water and set the timer and bam! This washer is even smaller than some of the other washers that we mentioned earlier which means it will fit even more perfectly in small places, and can easily be moved. It is built perfectly and made to last. It doesn’t make a ton of noise which means it shouldn’t interrupt normal living. This comes in at number 3 on our list for a variety of different reasons. First off, the price is one of the best around, you really aren’t going to find anything cheaper. Secondly, people that hate spending time reading directions and putting stuff together, you are in luck! This is one of the simplest portable washers on the planet to use. Lastly, it won’t fall apart in a week, the material used is great and can last for a long time.



1, Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

 Finally to the best of the best! This washer is a beast. The interior is made of flawless stainless steel that fits up to 6 pounds at one time. It is fully electronic so you don’t have to do any additional work. No more hand washing clothes in the bath tube! There are 3 water levels and 3 wash cycles so everything gets washed to your perfect ideal image. It is one of the most quiet washers on the market and has lights to indicate when everything is done. This washer is priced slightly higher than some of the other washers but it is one of the best buys for your money. You are getting every penny out of this washer. Some people that bought this washer said that they couldn’t live without it once they bought it. It comes with easy installation instructions and doesn’t require much to put together. We all know that easy is better!




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