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Best Portable Sauna Reviews 2017 | Top 8 Saunas


After a long day at work, who wouldn’t want to relax in a sauna? Obviously most saunas are found in community places such as swimming pools and aren’t often an in home amenity. You’re in luck reader, there are portable saunas that will fit perfectly in your house. They have the same great feeling as a regular sauna but now it’s in the comfort of your home. These make your muscles feel like they hit the road for an all-expenses paid trip to the Bahamas. A portable sauna can be a great fit for almost everyone.

Product Name

Material Type


Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Polyester & Polyester checkamazon2
Durherm Far Infrared Chargeable polyester checkamazon2
Bellavie Portable Sauna Heating polyester checkamazon2
Durasage XLarge Infrared IR FAR Portable polyester checkamazon2
Precision Therapy - Portable Far Infrared Sauna polyester checkamazon2
Far Infrared Portable Sauna polyester checkamazon2
Radiant Saunas BSA6315 polyester checkamazon2

Now, sit back, relax, and watch as we help you find the perfect sauna for you!

 8. Portable Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator


Kicking off with number 8, this cabin sized sauna is one of the bigger portable saunas on the market. It comes with a portable chair that supports up to 220 pounds. The dowel frame support system will make sure that it doesn’t come crashing down during your at home vacation. There are built in pockets in the front perfect for a cool and cold beverage to help make your wind down experience even better. The clean air ionizer makes sure that your sauna is always completely clean and fresh all the time.  Overall, this sauna is pretty safe. This is one of the more expensive ones on the market but still gets the job done, and is a little bigger than most tradition portable saunas.  To summarize, let’s run through the pros and cons:

Cons: -A little more pricy than a regular portable sauna.

-Slightly larger than a regular sauna

Pros: -Comes with a portable chair

-Frame has a support system so it is very sturdy

-Built-in safe and secure electric cords.


7. Sauna 7


we have one of the more expensive saunas one the market. If you are willing to spend the money, then this sauna is a great get for you. It get massively hotter than most of the other saunas. This bad boy will get you sweating in a matter of a few short minutes. For the price, this sauna is very effective and efficient and will make you feel the burn. One happy customer of this product said, “The electronics are superior and so far it has been working perfectly. Apparently it has superior FIR as well. I cannot verify, but I know that it works for me!”  Most people that get the chance to use this beast absolutely loves it and I believe you have the chance to like it just as much. To make sure we cover all of the features here is another pro and con chart:

Cons: -More expensive that most portable saunas

-Takes up a lot of space

Pros: Heats up quicker than the average sauna does (15-20 minutes)

-Very durable

-Meets most wavelength standards

-Can pack for easy travel




Number six is another really nice portable sauna. This niffy little guy is a good example of a smaller portable sauna available to you. A very overall, put together sauna covers all of the needs you may have while searching for one. It heats quickly for that needed sweat feeling right away. This one comes with a small and portable chair so you don’t need to squeeze one of your own ones in.  Also, in case you are one of those people that have a really hard time setting up those crazy things with 10 page long instruction manuals, this sucker is made to easily fold back up after each use for hassle free relaxation! All in all this sauna covers everything that is needed for a really good price. Wrapping it together:

Cons: -Legs are often still cold

-Material is slightly cheep

Pros: -Very reasonable price

-Easy to put together/take down

-Doesn’t take up a ton of room

 5. Bellavie Portable Sauna Heating.

This light weight portable sauna will make you feel more relaxed than a spa trip. It’s a recovery system all in one. It improves skin and relives that horrible joint pain we have all experienced. It’s fully insulated making sure all of that warm air keeps in. Everyone that has bought this has had nothing but positive things to say about it. Elizabeth said, “One my best Amazon purchases. On my low exercise days I put her to use or even when I just a lil heat treat”. This portable beast can easily be purchased online and shipped right to your house. Here’s a list of what we went over:

Cons: -Heater isn’t the highest quality

-Takes a little longer to heat up

Pros: -Reasonable price

-Can change to whatever temperature that you want


 4.  FAR Portable Sauna 4.

At four, this baby is going to make you feel like a king. One of the best saunas for your money right here. This sauna goes hand in hand with weight loss programs for a perfect way to wind down the day. With a hand held remote, you are in control the entire time. Everyone that has bought this product has loved it and had no complaints. It really has everything that you might need in one compact sauna. It includes amazing amenities such as a wooden foot massager that can target any pain in your feet. This is very convenient, and well sized to make sure that it can fit anywhere in the house that you might need it to go. This is a great way to reduce stress and help you relax more easily. One happy customer had this to say about this awesome portable sauna, “I really like using this product, I have been using it almost every day for about two weeks or so now. I like the ease of folding it down and putting it in the closet when not in use – space saver”.

Cons: -Chair is not very stable

-Not very comfortable if you are very tall

Pros: -Comes with a foot massage

-Very fairly priced

-Light weight and portable for easy storage


3 Precision Therapy Sauna.


One of the best saunas available for purchase online. This thing comes with every possible amenity that you could think of. It has a heated footpad to make sure you are sweating all over. This sauna actually comes with a comfortable chair so you don’t need to waste the money on another one. Although it is a little more pricy that some of the other saunas on the market, you are truly getting what you paid for in this boy. It’s super easy to set up so you don’t have to wrestle with it, you can just get right to your relaxation period. Everyone that has bought it has left nothing but perfect reviews. It will really make you feel like you own the world after just a few short minutes inside. This super lightweight, portable sauna is defiantly worth the investment and is a must have for everyone that needs a little re-lax-ation in their lives!

Cons: -Pricier

Pros: -Heated footpad

-Doesn’t emit harmful EMF

-Easy to set up and saves a lot of room


2. Infared Sauna 2. 


Getting down to the wire, coming in at number two, this portable sauna is sure to make anyone feel as if they’re on a tropical island. Super friendly to your wallet, this beast has everything you need in order to have that perfect relaxation time every day. Perfect for families or individuals. This is super easy to set up and take down, with minimal instruction needed, saving that time to enjoy the heat. Perfect for weight loss and pain relief. It includes a very comfortable folding chair, so again, you don’t need to spend stupid money on another one. One happy customer from Amazon said, “I am quite happy with the quality, size and overall value of this product”. This product is available online and can easily be purchased in stores as well. Overall, the quality, amenities, and price make this one of our top picks for you as far as portable saunas go.

Cons: -Tends to want to fold up

Pros: -Price


-Easily foldable


1. Radiant Sauna 1.


And finally, our number one pick for portable saunas. This bad boy has everything you need. With 5 preset temperatures available, you can quickly get to that sweating level in minutes. Built in is a controller to make sure that everything is perfect for you. You will truly feel like you are on top of the world in this. We have nothing negative to say about this. Getting up to 150 degrees in just minutes, you are sure to have a perfect relaxation period. Enjoy it with the whole family. There is a double padded neck collar to make sure everything is comfortable while using. Overall, this is our pick for the best available portable saunas online for purchase.  The price is very bank friendly, and it has EMF pads to make sure you are 100% safe while using. We highly recommend using this product.

Cons: -Not entirely surrounded by panel

Pros: -Price


-Easy to assemble

-Heats up quickly

Wrapping up, we have seen a great deal of portable saunas. Each one having their own unique qualities and differing from each other. Every sauna listed is a great pick for you and your family. They will all help you relax, lose weight, or relive pain (or all together!). These saunas are easily available for purchase online and will surely change your life.

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