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Best Portable Ice Maker Reviews 2017 | Top 10 Ice Makers

Ever get sick and tired of filling up those old and traditional ice trays? Where ice isn’t available until they are done freezing? Because same. I made a huge change to a portable ice machine and it changed my life. All that extra time I was spending on freezing ice everyday was all of a sudden gone. I no longer split water over my freezer.


Why buy a portable ice machine?


In this article, we are going to go the most in depth on the portable ice machines on the market and show you why they are great. Each one having their very own unique attributes. They are like a mini freezer wherever you go. To help you sum up every paragraph, we will put a few key features to every portable ice maker.


Let’s slide into our list!


10, Igloo Compact Portable Ice Maker (Blue):

Starting off our list with an ice maker that actually looks like an igloo! This one comes in a very exclusive blue color and isn’t found on any other ice maker on the market. Your ice will be ready in as little as 6 minutes everytime you turn it on! You can make 26 pounds of ice a day. That’s a ton of ice! You can chose from two different sizes. In case you don’t want all of your ice right away, you can store almost two pounds of ice inside. This proves that this portable ice maker is a good substitute to a real freezer portion. Everything on this maker is fully electronic with LED display. This ice maker isn’t priced too badly. It is slightly lower on our list because of the middle of the pack range its price fits into, but overall is a super solid portable ice maker.


-Exclusive Blue Color

-Ice ready in minutes

9, Luma Comfort IM200SS Portable Clear Ice Maker:

Next up on our list, we have another great product available. This portable ice maker comes in a slick and professional stainless steel finish. It looks as though it could easily fit in with anything quality of appliances in any kitchen. This bad boy was especially designed to fit on the top of any counter top and not scratch anything. Good thing the producers are thinking about someone other than themselves! You can produce 28 pounds of crystal clear ice cubes each and every day. This ice maker is priced slightly higher than some of the others available but it is made to last. The material is really quality. Everyone that we surveyed about this maker has raved about how good it looks around everything else and how easy it is to operate.


-Stainless steel finish

-Restaurant quality ice

8, Hamilton Beach Portable Ice Maker:

Coming in at number 8, this puppy is going to surprise you. This specific ice maker produces its ice in record time. Some people that we talked to said it was so fast to the point of them turning around and it was done. With this one, you will have your ice ready in just a few short minutes, less than the other portable ice makers that we talked about. This ice maker is also really dependable. The price is great and it is going to last. It is priced under a good majority of the ice makers available and you can use a bunch of times every day. This one is also sized very well. You can easily put it up on the counter or place it outside for cook outs. The beautiful black exterior finish makes it easy to go with any type of appliances that you already have.


-How fast it makes ice


7, VonShef Premium 40lb Portable Ice Maker Machine:

At number 7, we have one of the largest portable ice makers on the market. This ice maker makes such a great amount of ice in 24 hours. More specifically, this ice maker can make 33-40 pounds of ice in one day! That’s definitely a step up from the old ice making ways. This beauty is outlined in all stainless steel silver which will make it easy to match anything else. And, so you don’t need to step stupid money on an ice scoop, it comes with it! This ice maker is super easy to use. You don’t need to hook it up to any drain and there’s absolutely no plumbing required. It’s the perfect family friendly ice maker. No batteries are required, but the ice maker is fully electric and doesn’t use up a whole lot of energy. This ice maker basically has a life of its own. It knows exactly when to shut off when it runs out of water. It knows exactly when it is full of ice so that it doesn’t overfill the water bin. All in all, this is a fantastic ice maker on the market and covers all of the necessary needs.


-ability to operate on its own

-Ice storage capacity

6, DELLA 048-GM-48183 Portable Ice Maker:

 Moving on down, this ice maker comes in two beautiful colors (black – red). You can easily make ice in 6 quick minutes. Much quicker than putting water in trays and letting it freeze! You can choose from a few different size ice cubes for your perfect personal preference. Going off of that, there is a removable ice tray that makes the ice transfer super easy. There is absolutely no installation needed, all you need to do is plug it in and wham! It’s ready to go! There are different indicators that let you know what the current water level is and what the current ice capacity is. You can even store a little bit of ice each and every day in case you don’t have that 6 minutes to wait. We really like this ice maker for a variety of different reasons. This ice maker is really professional looking. It looks like it belongs in a luxury, futurist home. The price is really good on it also. You are getting every penny worth of a great appliance. This maker is made to last and won’t fall apart in a week.


  • professional look
  • Variety of different ice sizes

5, RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker:

 This ice maker works so quietly that you could hear a pin drop. It produces ice quickly for a very hassle free experience. There is a full LED display with indicators that show you all of the current levels that you might need to know of. Other people that were surveyed loved this product as well. Some have mentioned how they like the size of the ice. You can make some serious sized iced with this mini but quiet beast. There have been little to no bad things said. The price is fantastic for this ice maker. You are paying under a lot of the other ice makers we previously talked about, so this could technically be considered a “steal”. We have this ice maker coming in at number five for a couple of reasons. This maker is beautifully constructed in a steel color. Like we said, there just really aren’t any bad things about this. It’s super easy to use and not many people have problems with it. We like to think of it as an “old reliable” type thing.



-how reliable it is

4, Ice Machine – Portable, Counter Top Ice Maker MachineTG22:

Getting to the best of the best of our portable ice makers, this ice maker was rated the best residential ice maker on the market. Made of flawless stainless steel and ABS housing will make this ice maker look perfect in any place you put it. You can select from 3 different size ice cubes for your different needs (small, medium, large). No plumbing or long installation needed, just plug in and you’re ready to go. The producer of this ice maker wants you to know that it is made to last; it comes with a free 12 month warranty along with a free ice scoop. There is also a removable bucket so you can transfer ice whenever needed. This ice maker is a bit bigger than some of the other ones we talked about but it can make more. If you are alright with it taking up a little bit more counter space, then this ice maker is a great option for you. This ice maker may not have as many features as some of the other ones, but we really like how simple it is. If you don’t want to spend hours fooling around with yet again another piece of technology, then this is the ice maker for you. It doesn’t really get much simpler than this.


-How simple it is

-Larger built

3, Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker:

Coming in at number three, we have a consumer favorite. This ice maker has one of the biggest buckets for ice of any ice maker on the market. You can easily remove your patch of ice in just minutes, which eliminates that horrible waiting stage. There is a fully insulated storage compartment built in that can hold all of your excess ice. This maker draws roughly 108W of power. This thing is basically a mini refrigerator. It is super quiet and you won’t even notice when it is making ice. It will stop making ice when it gets near the top which is really nice because you don’t need to sit there and worry for it to stop. Overall this is a great ice maker and we put it at number 3 on our list for a couple of different reasons. 1, it is the more sturdy ice maker for your money. You aren’t breaking the bank to get this bad boy. 2, the storage compartment is one of the biggest on portable ice makers, you can hold a ton of extra ice.

-Storage compartment

-Ability to control itself

2, Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker:

Coming in at number two, we have another dandy! This gem comes in three magnificent colors (red – black – silver) Chances are, there is a color that will fit perfectly with you. This ice maker is a great choice for a variety of different reasons. Everything is labeled very clearly and all of the buttons were specially designed to make sure that there is no confusion when in use. There is an automatic overflow control program to make sure that you don’t turn around and have ice everywhere – it will control itself and stop producing ice when needed. You can make 2 different sizes of ice in as little as 4 simple minutes. We have this ice maker coming in at number two for how easy we thought it was to use and the agreement from people we talked to. Hundreds of people commented on how great it was and rated it 5 stars. This is a fantastic choice when looking for portable ice makers because you know that exactly what you are paying for. You know that tons of people have already been the “guineas pig” and had lots of easy success with it.


-Popular reviews

-easy to use buttons

1, 26 Lbs Counter Top Ice Maker, Red:

Finally getting to the best of the best for our portable ice maker reviews! You can choose between 5 gorgeous colors with this bad boy (red, black, silver, white, stainless steel). This ice maker is super cheap but you still get a great product. It is constructed perfectly, and made to last. All are made of strong plastic or stainless steel so it isn’t some cheap dollar store type thing. You can produce roughly 30 pounds of ice a day in just minutes. There is an all LED display with easy to use buttons. Installation is super easy, just plug in and watch it go to work. This ice maker is compact, light and easy to use. You can easily put it inside, outside or on a boat. We really like how versatile this product was, it wasn’t a hassle to use at all. We decided to put this as the best of the best on our list because of how cheap it was, yet how great of a product it still was. We have this as the best of the best for your buck, and there’s tons of different color options to choose from.


-Multiple color options




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