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Best Portable Water Filters 2018 | Top 5 Filters

So you need a portable water purifier? There are tons of good options on the market that will be able to help you out whenever you need it. Sometimes it can just be hard to get fresh water and you need to find something that will be able to convert water for you. Our review site is going to give a brief introduction about each individual water filter. It will then be followed by a more in depth analyze that goes over the good parts and the bad parts of the product.


Why Portable Water Filter?

They are super tiny and convenient to carry around. These water filters will allow you to walk around or stay in any area that doesn’t have fresh water for a really long time. They are super handy to keep with you and you can use them in a variety of different places.


5. Survivor Filter 0.01 

PRO Micron Water Pump.


Starting off our list of the absolute best water filters on the market, this one is a really good choice to start off our list for a variety of different reasons. In general, this is really just a sturdy, quality water filter and you are going to get exactly what you pay for here.


It has been tested in multiple different laps to ensure you that the water produced from here is going to be as fresh as a bottle of water! You can use this purifier for many different things like backpacking, or camping and it won’t go bad.



  • Has a lot of different filters that can be confusing at points
  • Relatively slower filter time



  • The filter works great and can turn any sample of water into beautiful fresh water!
  • Really Strong Tester that shows exactly how clean your water is



4. Portable Water Filter With Collapsible Bag


Moving on to the next product here, this drinking water filter can be used to save you in a bunch of different situations. If you are ever planning to go on some type of hike, and need to make sure you have a back up water source, you found just the product! You can purchase at most online stores.


This filter is really compact and will surely make sure you are drinking the cleanest water around. It’s really easy to reuse as you simply have to let the filter dry out, and then use again! However, like some other filters on the market currently, it is a rather slow filter that can take some time to get to that optimum result. All in all though, the price is really good for this camping water purifier and it should be able to make your next camping trip the very best of them all.



3. Personal Water Filter, Epress Portable Mini Water Purifier



Onto the next one, this portable water filter system is surely going to impress you with how well it works for the size that it is. It is one of the smaller options around so if space is tight for you, then this is the choice for you.


This is also another really good option for the price it is at because it comes with 2 of them. You can have a back up one, or have your partner in crime be loaded up and ready to go just like you. Shop for one today.



-Only lasts for about 3 months

-Doesn’t include any way for you to know how specifically good your water is



-Very lightweight

-Strong filter that will be able to work with any kind of water right away



2. Sawyer Products: Water Filtration System (Mini)



Another really good option on our list as we continue to move to the best of the best. If you like all of your personal belongings to match then you are in luck. There are 7 different colors available to you and you will surely be able to find one that works good for you. You can also select different size packs depending on how many you need which can come in handy.


You can shop for this product online and is really ideal for any outdoor recreation. It simply attaches to any drinking bottle for simple installation with minimal hassle.


This is considered one of the top products on our list for a couple of different reasons. The biggest reason is because it is simply a good product that does what it advertises and cleans your water. It is going to get the job done. It is one of the strongest lasting ultralight backpacking water filter that you can possibly find. This is one of the top products for sale and you can use it whenever you need.


1. Water Filter Straw-Micron Purifier 



Finally to the best of the best of our portable water filters. We have gone over a ton of different ones and all of which are really good options and bring a ton to the table. However, like everything in life, there has to be one that tends to stand out over all of the other ones. This portable water filter is easily one of the best choices for sale and is worth every penny.


You are going to be able to use it for a really long time and is a sturdy product made to last. This is the most ideal purification system if you are camping or hiking because it was designed to look like it belongs in your bag. It is going to clean all of the water you need without any problem whatsoever.


This was the top product on our list because it slightly stood out over all of the other water filters that we were able to review. There really isn’t anything negative to say about this one and would be a great choice. You buy this water filter today and have it ready to go for your next trip right away. This is the top product.










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