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Best Portable Tripod Reviews 2018 | Top 5 Tripods

If you’re one of those parents that couldn’t go a minute without recording your kids life, or just love to film stuff in general, this is going to be one of the most helpful products for you.

We know that times have changed to phone cameras, but if you still want the top of the line quality, then you will probably give the good ole’ camera a try. Cameras can capture the whole picture without flaw, and do make it easier on you, it helps to have a tripod!

Why a Portable Tripod?


As you read through our list of the best portable tripods for sale on the market, you are going to see some of the really great things they can do. You could use it to film Jimmy’s basketball game, or take a great family photo. No matter what you use a camera for, this is a must-have.


5. AmazonBasics Mini Tripod Lightweight


This is a perfect one to lead off our list. It is really simple and cheap for any person searching for a tripod online. We have tested and used all of the products on this list to make sure we felt comfortable writing about them on our blog.

The AmazonBasics is a supermini tripod that can adjust to any height that you may need. Although it can’t hold a ton of weight if you have a bigger camera, it should be able to get the job done with most little cameras.

We really liked this one because it was a great price and easy to use. The only negative thing that we could point out is the fact that it can be slightly hard to keep up with fast moving things such as sporting events.


4. ZOMEI Compact Light Weight 55” Portable Travel Folding SLR Camera Tripod for Sony Nikon Canon DSLR Camera Video comes with carrying Case


Moving on down our list of portable tripods for sale on the market, this is another really good choice that should be able to get any filming job done for you. The ZOMEI 55” has a hook in the middle of it so that you can add weight and adjust to the current gravitational situation.

It’s a really modern looking tripod that is compact and lightweight. It has a lever that makes it easy to adjust to any height that you need from it. We really liked how durability this tripod was and how easy it was to use.

For $35 dollars, this is a great choice for any photographer. It can do a really quality job with minimal effort. If we had to point out something negative about it, the crank is slightly cheap and just thrown on there. Other than that, it is a well constructed tripod made to last.



3. Manfrotto Mini Tripod MTPIXI-B PIXI, Black


As we get closer and closer to the best of the best for buying tripods, here is another one we really liked. The Manfrotto can do everything you ask of it. This choice is really friendly on your budget and can travel with you any place that you may need to go.

Despite it being really small and compact, we were able to get a 9 pound camera to fit and work on this stand without any problems. It really will be able to surprise you for what it can do.

This is a high quality tripod stand that is made to last. You can bring it anywhere because of the small and compact size, like backpacking or camping. The price is really good and affordable.

This is a really hard product to try and point out something negative, but if we had to pick something, it would be that it can’t adjust very fast for vertical shots. Nothing crazy and over the top though, still a great purchase on the market.


2. JOBY SLR Zoom GorillaPod


Here is one of our favorite choices as far as portable tripods go. We’re not going to lie and dive right into it, it is one of the more expensive choices that you could pick. But it is worth every single penny if you want a really good, high quality tripod stand.

The JOBY has a unique structure that allows it to hold up any camera and support it without issue. This one is really simple to set up and isn’t going to hold you back when you are trying to film.

It adjusts to whatever you are filming right away moves quickly. We have been looking into these tripods for a really long time now and this one is just top notch.

There really isn’t anything negative we found about it. Super good product that is going to make you really happy if you give it a chance.


1. AmazonBasics Lightweight 50-Inch Tripod with Bag


Finally reaching the best of the best for our list of portable tripods. It has taken a ton of trial and error to reach this point but it is all worth it. If you are searching for the very best of the best portable tripods for sale on the market, then you can stop your search.

This one is as good as they come and will be able to handle anything that is brought upon it. The AmazonBasics 50inch is the top of our list for a variety of different reasons.

It is made with the finest aluminum around and should be able to hold up anything that you put on it. You can easily adjust it to whatever size you need and quickly. We just found it much easier to use this one over all of the other products that we tested out.

You can extend it all the way out to 50 inches for the maximum and best filming quality. We tested this one over and over again to make sure it was truly the best one we used and couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

Hopefully this list was helpful to you!



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