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Best Portable Tailgate Grills 2018 | Top 5 Grills

Are you a huge tailgater? Do you think you have the best tailgate on the block? Well you probably don’t have or could upgrade your portable grill. The grill is essentially the most important part of the tailgate and can make or break it for you. Luckily for you we have been able to review and test some of the best portable grills for tailgating out there.

Why Portable Tailgate Grill?

These grills are really easy to move and you can bring it to every tailgate without problems. There are hundreds if not thousands of options for you to choose from depending on what you are looking for. After you go through the products that we tested you should be able to find one that will work for your next tailgate.

1. Coleman Propane Portable Grill LXE ROAD TRIP

Beginning our post of grills that we tested out, this Coleman grill got everything done that we asked of it and more. It is a can’t miss product for sale on the market and you are going to love it.
This was one of our favorite grills that we were able to test out for a variety of different reasons. One of the biggest ones was how easy it was to transport and move all over the place. You can get it in 8 different colors to match your team for the perfect tailgate necessity.
There is an instant start button for easy grilling without having to deal with the hassle of a match or a lighter. That makes for a really good and easy clean up. It also collapses very easily for easy transport.
This was by far the best of the best tailgate grills and you are simply getting the best product even if it is priced a slight bit more than some of the other grills that you could possibly get.
Overall we couldn’t even really find anything negative to point out about this product as it easily got whatever we asked of it done without issue and was just an overall great buy. It made our tailgate so much better instantly and you are going to love this tailgating grill if you decide to purchase it.

2. Cuisinart Everyday CGG-220  Portable Gas Grill, Green


Moving on to the next portable tailgate grill we were able to work with, this Cuisinart is simply one of the best grills for people not looking to spend a ton. It won’t be able to do all of the same things that a more expensive grill can do but it should be able to get the job done no problems.
The surface is only 240 square inches so right off the bat you aren’t getting the size that some people look for. But if you are only looking for a tiny one to camp or a smaller tailgate, then you are getting a great deal. It is much less expensive than the other portable grills that are for sale on the market and it a good product by a reputable brand.
This is a one burner grill with removable side tables for easy set up and clean up. We really liked everything about this grill and would easily buy another one if needed.
It is a great product that simply gets the job done for much less than most of the other grills that we looked at. You are going to be really happy at your next tailgate when if you purchase this portable grill online.

3. Coleman Propane Camp Grill

This is another product that we also thought was a super good value for what you were going to have to pay for a portable grill. It’s tough to really to say which of all of these is the actual best value of them all but this one is a great choice of the grills for sale online.
This Coleman is going to be smaller than some portable tailgate grills out there but for the price you really cannot beat it. We found it to get the job done for us right away without issue and can withstand a lot of cooking.
Definitely a great way to spruce up your next tailgate. It is an even heating grill so that everything will get the same cooking and will be the same great taste.
There is a really unique feature on this portable grill that stood out to us that we really liked and that is the windshields that comes with it. Basically, regardless of what the temperature outside is, this is the grill for you.
It’s compact and easy to move which is great for easy set up and clean up.
Overall this was one of the better grills we were able to review and found lots of positive traits about it. The only thing that kind of stood out to us is the material of the grill gates. They aren’t the greatest compared to some of the other ones we tested, but still a great deal regardless. We suggest you purchase this.

4. Cuisinart All Foods Roll-Away Gas Grill CGG-240

This Cuisinart was a decent portable tailgating grill that we were able to review and test out. Although it might not be one of the best ones we tested out, the thing that stood out to us about this product is the fact that it is made to last.
It isn’t a cheap product that is going to break after one use. It is more expensive than some of the other grills that we tested, but if you want to spend the money, it is going to last you a really long time.
Although it isn’t the greatest out there, it will get the job done and will for years to come. You can get this grill with or without a stand and it sets up really easy.
There is a twist to start ignition for easy start up and is perfect to bring along to any tailgate you need. It’s a solid metal color that will look great with anything that you put it with.
Overall a pretty good grill that does the job done. We thought the quality wasn’t the greatest but it should make everyone happy that needs it.
Although it is a really set up and cooks everything fast, the only other thing we could point out to look out for is how fast it’ll go through the tanks.

5. Caesar Hardware Folding Steel Charcoal BBQ Portable Grill, Small

We’re gonna be straight up and tell you right off the bat, this grill just isn’t good. We got this grill without putting a ton of research into it and then it ended up coming to bite us for it. There really isn’t much to say other than we were just disappointed.
From our experience, we found it to not be worth the price. It didn’t cook the food very well and it took a really long time to figure it out. Overall, we weren’t thrilled with how it worked and highly suggest that you don’t buy it.
Yes there are some good things like the ability for it to fold up or the nice silver color, but overall we weren’t impressed and found a variety of other portable grills that were much better than that grill.
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