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Best Portable Solar Generators 2018 | Top 5 Generators

Portable Solar Generators are going to be a perfect option for you in a variety of different situations. You can use it when camping, emergencies, or any weekend trip. The best part about it all, is that you don’t need a power source to charge it if you have the time. Our review site is going to talk about a variety of different portable solar generators and the specifics on them.

Why Portable Solar Generators:

These are super compact and you won’t have to drop a ton to always keep one with you. They are super important in case of emergencies and super helpful to carry around for other trips.

1. EasyFocus 500W Backup Portable Generator, 288WH

Power Source 500W

Diving into one portable generator that will light up your world, the EasyFocus 500 is a fantastic solar portable generator. You are going to love everything about this product. There are 4 USB ports so that everyone can get a little part of this one. The lithium battery will be able to charge a variety of different things for an extended period of time.
This solar portable generator has an LED light built on which makes it easy to carry around with you when you are camping or doing other activities. We purchased this generator to use for a weekend trip we just used and it worked amazingly. If you let it charge up fully, it is going to last you a really long time and you won’t have any worries on your next trip.
We’ve bought and tested a bunch of different portable solar generators to try when we camp and this one just stands out because it works the best. It just got the job done the fastest. You can charge it right in the sun and it’s super compact which makes it easy to transport. This is a great generator if you are looking for one. We couldn’t really point out anything that is negative about this one and it was a great purchase for us.

2. PAXCESS Portable Generator 100-Watt Power Station,

Home Camping Emergency Supply Charged by Solar Panel,

CPAP Battery Pack, 

This was another really good option as far as portable solar generators go on the market. The PAXCESS is easily the best value for less money. You aren’t going to have to pay as much, but still getting all of the great benefits out of this generator. We found this one for sale online a while back and decided we needed to give it a try.
There are a variety of different outputs to make sure that you can get everything charged at the same time. You can charge the PAXCESS up easily by the sun, car or an outlet. There is a backup battery that can be charged up in about 8 hours. It’s compact and light. You can bring it anywhere with you and it will be able to keep up with everything.
We compared some of our experiences with it other reviews and most everyone on the market found it to be a great buy as far as portable solar generators go.

3. Webetop Portable Power Generator Battery Inverter 42000mAh 100W Camping CPAP Emergency Home Use


The Webetop Portable generator, is simply, the most durable portable solar generator we have ever used. We have been able to use it for years now and it still works like it came right out of the box. In comparison to other generators, this one has more power capacity.

You should easily be able to get a solid 7-8 hours out of this generator when it is charged all the way. We decided to put this on our site because it is simply made to last and go through a ton. It can withstand any emergency and can power anything that you need.

If you find this for sale online, then you’re going to get a product that is made to last. To this day, we still use this portable solar generator and without conflict. If we had to point out a negative aspect of this generator, it would have to be that the battery level indicator isn’t always very accurate.

4. Renogy Phoenix Mini Portable Generator All-in-one with Solar Kit and Replaceable Battery


We decided to review the Renogy Phoenix Portable Solar Generator on our site because it was a good product to compare to the rest of the products we’ve talked about. So far, the generators have been top of the line, best buy or super durable. Being straight up, the Renogy is very average compared to most of the generators for sale on the market.

If you are willing to spend a ton of money on it, then you’ll still get some of the good uses out of it. It’s really ideal in the sense that it is compact and lightweight, but again, is priced much higher than the rest of them.

It works really well as a backup power source, but is complicated to use. We have used this a few times in the past so that we could review it and don’t think it is too special. It gets the job done, but isn’t a great purchase for your money.

5. Wagan Solar EL2546 e Cube 1500


Another portable solar generator used to go on the other side of our other ones on this list, the Wagan EL2546 was not a smart purchase for us. For starters, it was 12 times more expensive than the rest of the generators that we were able to purchase.

The battery doesn’t last very long and if you plug anything bigger into it like a lamp, it will only give you few hours of battery life versus the 30+ hours it says. It takes over18 hours to fully charge and then refuses to stay charged at all.

The Wagan is just not a good purchase at all even if you have the money to spend. Of all of the portable solar generators we have discussed and reviewed, this one is by far the worst.

Many other similar customers have the same issues as us and simply isn’t worth any of your hard earned money.

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