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Best Portable Car Battery Jump Starters 2018 | Top 6 Starters


Do you drive an older car? Do you always worry that you are going to break down in the middle of nowhere? This is probably a good post for you to look at because a portable car battery jump starter is just what you need. These are super handy to keep in the car and can save you from having to sit on the side of the road for awhile. Take a look at the starters we have been able to review and you should be able to find one that works well for you.


Why Portable Car Battery Jump Starter?

Like stated above, if you are in an old car this is an essential asset to have in the car with you at all times. It can save you from having to spend a ton of money on a tow truck and can simply save you a ton of time. After you read this article you are going to see that these starters aren’t a ton of money and are very easy to keep with you in your car.

1. TENKER Car Jump Starter 10800mAh Portable 500A

, Emergency Battery Booster Pack, Power Bank Portable Charger 


Starting off our list of portable car battery starters, the TENKER 500A was one of the top products that we were able to test out. Simply, it did exactly what we asked and worked to perfection.

We consider this one of the top battery starters because it started our battery in just seconds and worked faster than most of the other ones we were able to look at.

This starter has dual charging ports and can also serve as a battery for your cellphone among other electronic devices making it very versatile. This starter is super small and we found it easy to store in any spot we wanted. (Comes is weighing 320 grams!)

It is also versatile in the fact that it can serve as a flashlight. There are so many helpful features on this portable battery starter that it is definitely worth keeping in your car in case of emergencies. Even if you don’t think your battery could go out, it is still a smart idea to hold onto it.

We really liked this starter because it simply did what we bought it to do and did it well. We used it to start one of our car batteries and worked like a charm.

This is one of the better portable car battery jump starters that you are going to find and is worth every penny that you are going to have to spend on it, guaranteed.


2. Jump-N-Carry 12V 1700 Peak/Amp JNC660 Jump-Starter


Next up on our list is another one of our favorite portable car battery jump starters that we were able to use. The Jump-N-Carry is straight up, one of the best possible purchases for you out there. It was right up there for the best starters in our opinion and made it hard for us to point out the best one.

This battery jump starter has a ton of output and can last a really long time. We found it to work faster than most of the other car starters out there and that’s one of the biggest things that stood out to us.

Being honest, this is one of the more expensive box jumps but it is easily worth everything that you will have to spend and is well worth it. It is heavier than most of the other starters but shouldn’t be an issue to keep in the back of your car.

It just works so fast and effortlessly that we thought it was one of the better ones we used for that alone,

We’ve been testing this battery out for years to make sure it was suitable to go on our list and still works exactly how we got it the first day without any issues.

Overall a great portable car battery jump starter that everyone should consider getting to keep in case of emergencies.


3. Brightech – Car Portable Battery SCORPION, Jump-Starter SmartJump Tech – With (Handheld) Jump Box and Battery Charger for Electronics


Moving on our list of car battery jump starters, this Brightech jump starter is one of the best options if you aren’t looking to spend a ton of money but still want to have a portable car starter with you.

For what you are paying for, this is a great option. You are going to get everything you need out of it and not have to break the bank.

This battery booster only weighs 14 OZ which makes it easy to carry with you no matter the circumstances. You can pick from 4 different colors (red, blue, green, or black) to match whatever you are putting with it.

It comes with a 3-year warranty so it is a very low-risk purchase and you don’t have to worry much.

We found that this portable battery starter didn’t quite work as fast as some of the other products that we tested but still got the job done nonetheless and lasted a really long time.

Good option if you aren’t trying to break the bank.


4. Peak Car Jump-Starter GOOLOO (450A 10000mAh) Phone Power Bank GP03B Portable Battery Pack, Booster, Charger with LED Flashlight, Black/Red


Onto the next battery pack starter the GOOLOO 450A is simply a durable product that you can use for a really long time without issues.

Like most of the jump starters we are testing for review purposes, we bought this one year ago to make sure it would hold up and that we could actually write legit things about it.

Over the years this portable battery starter has worked the same as the day we got it and because of that, there are legit no complaints from us about it.

It isn’t going to be the best one on the market by any stretch of the imagination but it will surely do whatever you ask of it.

One really unique thing that stood out to us is that it has an S.O.S. light in case you get stranded. Yes, you probably won’t need it, but it shows that the creators of this product are thinking of how to make it better.

There were lots of mixed reviews that we compared our findings too and most of which we positive. It seems as though most of the market is happy with this jump starter and it will surely be able to jump your car whenever needed!




5. NTONPOWER Car Jump-Starter Power Bank Peak 800A 18000mAh Portable Auto Lithium-ion Battery Booster Pack Phone Charger for 12V


This may come as a surprise to some people that own this jumper starter but we just simply are not a fan of this product. Out of all of the products we have looked at this is our least favorite.

It isn’t a terrible product by any means we just don’t really like it. We had troubles setting it up and it wasn’t anything special compared to everything else.

Price wise, looking at all of the portable car battery jumpers we’ve looked at, is in the middle of everything and just isn’t a well known product.

We found it hard to compare our opinions to others because not many people have this one and because of that it can be hard for us to say what others think.

This may still get the job done that you are looking for but all in all, we found tons of other battery jumpers that can do more for a better price.



6. DBPOWER Mini Portable Car 18000mAh Jump Starter 600A

(works for 6.5L Gas, Diesel Engine) Battery, Booster, and Phone Charger with Smart Charging Port


To end off our list, and the last of the portable car battery jump starters we looked at, this option isn’t that special but is overall a good and solid buy.

This starter comes in red or black and isn’t priced too crazy. You should be able to jumpstart your vehicle up to 30 times with this product and it is made to last.

When you purchase this starter, you get the battery itself, a wall charger, a wall charger and the jumper cables; a good starter pack.

There isn’t anything overly special about this battery jump starter we just liked how it was able to jump a car like we needed and that’s about it.

It does come with USB ports in it so if you need to charge your phone it can do that as well.

All in all a decent purchase if you are looking for a decent portable car battery jump starter. We didn’t really have a ton of complaints and it got the job done.




Hopefully, you are able to find a really good portable car battery jump starter from this list. We have been reviewing them for years to make sure our list is full of legit facts and opinions! Thanks for reading!

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