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Best Portable Bike Stands 2018 | Top 5 Stands

Have you ever had difficulty storing a bike in storage or in the garage? Does it always seem to fall and even get damaged? There is no need for this stress. You pay too much for your bike and it deserves to be stored correctly. Thankfully, there are portable bike stands that were created in order to help you out and make sure that nothing will ever happen to your bike. Over the past years, we have bought and tested out some of the notable portable bike stands on the market. This review post is going to go into detail on the specifics and our experience with them.

Why Portable Bike Stand?

Some people aren’t that familiar with a portable bike stand though. Basically, what you are going to get out of it is a “rack” for your bike. Most have the bikes hang on them, but some have the bike on the ground. This is an important accessory for your bike so that it doesn’t fall when not in use and stays in pristine shape. You are going to find it very helpful. This post only goes into detail on portable stands, which in other words, are going to be smaller and easier to move bike stands.

1. Indoor Conquer Training Bike Exercise Stand



The first bike stand on our list is this Conquer brand one. It was one of the first ones we tested out and were able to test out. Getting right to it, it was nothing less than spectacular. Overall one of our favorites and one of the best stands available on the market.

This stand is super durable and can fold up for easy transportation. It is super easy to take anywhere with you. It works with almost all bikes and comes with a riser block so your bike won’t be able to move.

This portable bike stand is priced a bit more than some of the other ones we looked at and reviewed but still is one of the tops buys as far as stands go on sale. We found it to be one of the highest quality ones and just a sturdy product overall.

This bike rack can be used so that you can ride/exercise inside no matter what the weather is. When tested, we hardly felt the bike move and it locked into the stand perfectly. After riding for some time, it is super easy to fold up and store if need be, or strong enough to hold your bike there.

One of the best racks we were able to test out and review by far. We compared our findings to others online and found that a majority of people agree with us and find it to be a really good buy and solid product.

2. Home Portable Bike Stand by Conquer



The next bike stand on our list is another conquer. This is a bit cheaper but still a great product and we highly recommend you give it a try. On our list of all the bike stands, this is probably the Best Buy for your money. You aren’t going to get the highest quality product on the market, but you are still getting a great one that is going to get the job done.

This portable stand can adjust from 45” to 72” like it is nothing at all. Super handy if you need to use it for a variety of different bikes. It folds up really nicely and is super easy to carry around.

The quality is still really good for what you are paying for and can easily hold most bikes. It is made of steel in orange paint. This portable stand comes with a pivot lock so your bike is never going to move an inch!

Overall a really good option if you are looking for a portable bike stand. It is going to be able to hold almost any bike without difficulty. Super easy to use and put away if need be.


3. Flexzion Bike Stand for Repairs — Foldable for at Home



Next up on our list as far as bicycle stands go is this Flexzion model. We like to call this one old reliable because it is simply made to last and can hold a ton. It can hold up to 66 pounds which makes it super versatile.

There is a really heavy duty clamp that comes with it to make sure that nothing happens to your bike when you are touching it or cleaning it. It is made of really high-quality steel and has lasted ever since we got it out of the box.

There is a really handy tool tray that comes with it in case you need to work on your bike. It is simply a good portable bike stand that is made to please you and last.

The only thing we could possibly point out is that it is slightly hard to use and set up. Once you get past the beginning part, you have a stand that is going to last you a super long time, guaranteed. A really good option if you just need a stand to last you a long time.


4. Gearup “The Grand Stand” Bike Stand



With a group of a bunch of products, some are going to end up bad more than likely. This is the one that is bad out of the group. This gearup stand is not a very good one and we don’t recommend that you buy it.

We found it to be rather cheap compared to most of the other portable stands we were able to test out and it shows it at the $20 price. If you want a product that is high quality and going to last, skip this one.

It is hard to put together and the parts don’t go with each other very well. Super annoying and frustrating trying to set up. It isn’t even strong enough to hold a bike as the adjustable arms just seem to give out.

We have found that our bikes always end up on the ground when using this. Most of the parts didn’t even match the overall description of the box.

There was literally nothing positive about this bike stand and a complete waste of money. Make sure to avoid this at all costs.


5. RAD Indoor Magnetic Portable Work Out Bike



We decided to include this portable bike stand on our list because it is pretty unique and just stood out from the others. With this RAD cycle, it is possible to turn your bike into an indoor exercise bike.

It uses a state of the art magnetic technology to make sure that your cycle remains in the same spot and makes it possible for you to ride it. If you have ever complained about riding your bike in poor conditions, or it is too cold to ride, this is a really good option for you.

It isn’t the highest quality one we’ve tested but it’s a really solid product that allows you to stay in shape all year wrong. We really liked how easy it was to use and set up.

If we had to point out one negative about this stand, it’s that it is relatively loud, but if you have the right accessory’s like headphones, you are going to be alright.

Solid product overall, pretty good buy for your money.


6. VENZO Alloy Workstand Bike Repair Rack



To top off the list of portable bike stands, this one we tested out is priced higher than most of the other ones we have looked at but is still a pretty good product.

It is a sturdy tripod structure that should be able to keep your bike up no matter what. It comes with an extended warranty so it is a low-risk purchase if you are willing to spend the money on it.

We liked this stand because it can hold multiple bikes. If you are really big into cycling and have a bunch of rides then this could be the option for you.

We put 3 on it and it held them no problem. Relative easy setup and is a lifesaver if you have a bunch of bikes. Again, priced higher than most of the other stands but is a really solid purchase if you are willing to spend the money.

You are going to get a high-quality bike stand out of this.




Hopefully this list of bike stands was able to help you find one or Atleast become aware of what a portable bike stand can do for you. A portable stand is easier to transport if you need to move it and tend to be less sturdy than a regular one.



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