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Hey there.

My name is Tom Jeffries and I started this website, Best Portable Previews, to give you a sneak peek of all things portable along with valuable insight on my passion for gadgets and gizmos of all kinds.

But first…

Meet My Family – The Jeffries



My family, consisting of my beautiful wife Rose and our two adventurous children, 8-year old Tom Jefferies Jr (he prefers “T.J” for short) and his 6-year old little sister, Ivy, are traveling nuts.

While most families get together for movie night in front of the boob tube, we’re camping in the middle of ‘no-mans-land’, fishing, and snorkeling.

While most families are enjoying the comfort of a spacious home, we’re traveling the U.S of A spending quality time with each other.

Every night is family night, and though we have our qualms like any other family (you try living in tight quarters with 3 other people for long periods of time), no amount of money can buy the bonding experience we share together.

Here’s Why We Created Portable Product Previews

It initially began as an online journal to keep track of the best transportable items we’ve come across to recommend to other friends and family saving them the headaches of trial and error as we had gone through.

We’ve spent thousands on portative and movable items you’d assume were stationary only. Stationary items wasn’t an option for us and because we were always on-the-go, we had to find suitable products that fit our traveling needs. It was no cake walk. We searched high and low going through several duds while uncovering a few hidden gems we review on this website; some of which we still proudly use ourselves today.

Portables Are Handy, Convenient, Compact, and Easy-to-carry

A few years ago an old friend of the family, Robert, purchased an RV. He’d had it on his bucket list to go cross-country from New Hampshire to Santa Monica, California. He knows our family travels often and figured we’d know a thing or two about essential portable items to take with him on his journey.

Robert loves BBQ ribs, so he needed a portable grill (and we’ve gone through many before stumbling across the best one).

He needed a mini-refrigerator that was light and easy to carry to keep his beer cool.

He needed a traveling electric cordless toothbrush without all the bells and whistles.

He needed a pair of tents and hammocks, one for himself and one for his wife.

He also required an emergency safety kit, LED flashlights, and a few other gadgets and gizmos.

My family and I were happy to oblige.

Not only did we give him the best options available, we gave him the least expensive options, too.

We consider you our friend. Friends help those in need. And we know you need affordable portable traveling products giving you the most bang for your buck.

We’re The Portable Product Review Experts

Fast forward to today and we’ve improved our website and reviews by leaps and bounds.

Thousands of everyday folks like yourself stumble upon reviews on Yahoo, Bing, and Google in search of genuine recommendations. Many of our loyal followers and supporters recommend us to their friends and family because we take all the guesswork out of deciding if an item is worth the scratch.

We have our finger on the pulse on what’s hot, what’s not, what’s practical (some items are just plain “weird”), what’s affordable, what’s durable, what last’s, and just what plainly works.

Never in a million years could we have imagined that what began as a fun side project of ours became the online authority of portable item previews.

check out our reviews on our website to help you make the best informed desicions.

From our family to yours,

“Thank You”.

– Thomas Jeffries

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Air Conditioner

A transportable central air cooling system is essential during those hot and humid spring and summer months while on the road. You don’t want to go a day without one installed in your vacation home or RV.

Portable Generators

Power goes out. Circuit box fuse goes missing. Hurricane strikes. When in doubt, never go without a gas or electric generating alternator for those unexpected situations. There’s a reason we evolved from the prehistoric caveman. Going for any length of time without power is not a pleasant experience. Prepare yourself with one while you can for such emergencies.


Similar to a travel air conditioner, you’ll want to keep a carry-on furnace radiator handy for those chilly fall months and oftentimes brutally cold months during winter. If you live in areas of the world prone to extreme cold, there are times when a home heater simply “gives out” or “stops working” for any strange reason. Always keep the appropriate number of heaters for each room of your house being occupied.


Mini-sized electric chargers are really good for powering small appliances like toasters. There are many good solar varieties you can try according to your power needs.


Traveling is not as much fun if you’re not barbecuing, searing or roasting fresh wildlife. Travel grills are also great for hosting parties at local parties and events.

iPhone Charger

Similar to the phone charger description below, the iPhone charger caters specifically for iPhones. These rechargers are only compatible with iPhone products.

Phone Charger

In today’s technologically advanced society, you can get solar powered android chargers that operate independently of electricity to make those important emergency phone calls in the event your main power source goes out.

DVD Player

Feel like kicking back and relaxing on-the-go? With a travel movie player, you can do just that! Take it with you on the road to keep the kids entertained, take it with you to the beach, or anywhere else you desire for your viewing pleasure.


When nature calls you want to carry with you a portable toilet, especially for younger children who have yet to be potty trained and are not accustomed to ‘going in the woods’. The travel lavatories are good for emergency purposes.

Washing Machine

Automatic washers are a far more efficient way to clean clothes without doing the old fashion “rub n’ scrub” in a nearby river. There are portable dryers, too, but generally people ‘on-the-go’ dry clothes manually by allowing it to sit outside for several hours to dry itself.


Believe it or not, there are travel-sized camping shower enclosures you can purchase when ‘out and about’. Whenever you need to freshen up, this is the best way to do so without intruding on private business bathrooms for personal hygiene care.


If you’re a traveling or aspiring disk jockey and you want to show off your skills to book gigs, a vinyl phonograph player will show off your chops to prospective clients.

Massage Chair

If you have kids you’ll know that they can drive you a little wild sometimes! If you don’t have room for a portable massage table, a massage chair is even smaller and delivers similar pleasant results.

Record Player

Similar to the turntable player above, a record player is great if you have a couple of classic vinyls on hand to share songs printed on hard plastic prior to the digital revolution of modern day. Vinyls have a classic sound that’s unique and distinct from the pristine clarity of today’s digital music. With a travel sized record player, you can listen to music that has all the character that make it enjoyable!

Sewing Machine

Clothes show wear and tear, that’s why it’s important to take with you a tailoring machine to patch up and stitch clothes if you’re on a budget.

Air Compressor

Don’t be caught stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire. A portable air compressor is the best solution to getting ou back on the road to a nearby tire shop to replace or repair your tire without paying for expensive tow truck services.

Massage Table

Being married and having kids can be quite stressful. One way you and your significant other can unwind for the day is to give each other relaxing messages on a portable massage table. It’s a great way to work out those kinks and knots.

Laptop Charger

There are few things more frustrating than a compact computer going dead in the middle of important work. That’s why I keep spare laptop batteries fully charged and chargers to accommodate my family’s needs.


Growing up I remember taking my first girlfriend out to a drive-thru movie theater. Nowadays technology has advanced so much that you can have your own portable movie theater projector experience in the comfort of your own backyard, while on a camping trip, or in your living room area.

Ice Maker

A fine glass of whiskey isn’t the same with a few cubes of ice. If you attend or host frequent parties, a portable ice machine maker is just what the doctored ordered while enjoying a glass of rum.


You have standard-sized dishwashers than you have compact dishwashers that you can put in trailer homes, cabins, vacation homes and RV’s. Who wants to spend their time washing dishes when a portable dishwasher can get its hands dirty for you?

Table Saw

I’m an arts and crafts fanatic. I remember taking woodworking classes throughout my high school years way back yonder. Whenever a wood table breaks, I can bring out my mini portable table saw, cut a few areas and bring it back to life again or cut up timber to burn over smores with my family.


There are times where my family wants to kick up our feet, relax, and feel the sensation of swinging from the trees. Hammocks, as simple of a concept they are, are very pleasurable. Personally, if reminds me when I was a young boy being rocked to bed at night. No wonder our kids love sleeping in them.

Baby Swing

Expecting a newborn? We’ve got the solution for you! Portable baby swings are ideal for packing up and moving to a babysitter or relocating to another home to raise a family. Toddler rockers are light, durable, reliable, and easy to assemble.

Portable Infrared Saunas

Infrared Saunas, also known as travel steamers, helps you perspire (sweat toxins out naturally), promote healthy blood circulation throughout your body, and keeps you feeling refreshed after every session. Far less costly than comparable ground versions with nearly the same health benefits.

Hard Drive

If you handle most of your professional work on a desktop, laptop, or any other compatible portable computer, it’ll serve you well to keep a thump hard drive around to save important emergency work or personal files. The biggest gripe we have is that if you’re not careful they’re easy to misplace. Then again, if they were any bigger than they are they wouldn’t be portable.

Basketball Hoop

There’s nothing like a friendly game of basketball with the whole family! Believe it or not, there are basketball hoops available you can pack up and take with you on your next camping trip or family get together. My son loves getting physical and has a ton of energy. Our portable basketball hoop set is a great way for him to burn it off and tire himself out for bed! For that reason, we take one with us everywhere we go.

Portable Hot Tub

There’s nothing quite like kicking back, sipping on a martini, and relaxing in a jet tub while enjoying the outdoors, but did you know inflatable jacuzzies are light, portable, and easy to carry? These portable models are in many ways BETTER than the more expensive ground builds.